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For Sale: 1946 Dodge Business Coupe, 1 Owner - $12,500 - Castle Rock, CO - Not Mine - SOLD!

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For Sale: 1946 Dodge Business Coupe, 1 Owner  - $12,500 - Castle Rock, CO


This is a 1 owner restored 1946 Dodge Business Man's Coupe. This car is mostly original with only restored upholstery and a re-paint. This car is a very rare example of how the business man traveled in the post WWII era. The original owner of this vehicle was a railroad bridge inspector who has passed away at the age of 93. This car was his pride and joy. The original jack and a copy of the original title is included with the car. The original flat 6 motor is freshly re-built by Hi-Pro Motors in Denver, CO. This car also features the Dodge Fluid Drive technology which is the precursor to the automatic transmission. I have an appraisal "for insurance" of $70,000 which is what it would cost to find and restore a car to this condition with the low miles. This car has 21,307 original miles. Looking for the next owner who will love this car the way "Bud" did.

Contact: no phone listed.

Copy and paste in your email:  a8314a289e2d3e3b8e947176c7a2f56c@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1946 Dodge Business Coupe.

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO a.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO b.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO c.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO d.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO e.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO f.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO g.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO h.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO i.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO j.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO k.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO l.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO m.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO n.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO o.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO p.jpg

'46 Dodge Business Coupe CO q.jpg

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Very nice!  This seems like a screaming deal considering the fresh, professional rebuild of the engine, nice correct interior, etc.  I'm suspicious of the claim of 21,000 "original" miles given the wear on the pedal pads and the parking brake handle.  I suspect it's 121,000 well cared-for miles, but I would still be sorely tempted if I were in the market for another collector car.

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49 minutes ago, plymouthcranbrook said:

With that type of odometer it could have any amount of miles on it. Easy to adjust.  Nice car though for sure.


Just curious -- what is it about this type of odometer that makes it easy to adjust?

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Definitely likely to be 120,000 miles, being a railroad bridge inspector in the mountain west, the fellow had long distances to drive to reach the locations of the bridges the way things are spread out there.   More than once that long trunk probably became a place to camp for the night.

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  • 58L-Y8 changed the title to For Sale: 1946 Dodge Business Coupe, 1 Owner - $12,500 - Castle Rock, CO - Not Mine - SOLD!
22 minutes ago, plymouthcranbrook said:

Those were the professionals

Yes it was their day job.  At the time I don't think it was illegal but was definitely looked down on.  I don't know if digital odometers can be altered or not.  Got away from car dealerships back in the 70's.

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