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  1. The master cylinder looks scary. The quick paint job on the engine makes me wonder what type of other work was done to make it look pretty.
  2. Beautiful car. I always wanted a Model T because of the ease of finding parts and never considered a Chevy, but this car has me thinking. How easy is it to find parts for a 1917 Chevy? Is it hand crank to start? It looks like it has a clutch and gear shift like a Model A. Was Chevy more advanced than Ford? Does it have mechanical brakes? When did Chevy start to manufacture the 1917 models?
  3. Were the blinds an actual option from the factory or an owner accessory? Quite unique.
  4. Nice car. I wish it were closer to me. The enclosed transportation cost to the northeast is a deal killer for me.
  5. I wish that my 1934 Ford Coupe bodies and chassis would sell on the Fordbarn. They are both listed for sale for $16,500. I would buy this T in a minute.
  6. The numbers stamped on the block looks like they were shaved down and re-stamped. The coil box has a 1916 faceplate.
  7. I would like nice original used or NOS clamps & hangers for a 1933 or 1934 V8 Ford. I really don't want to use the universal kinds because they don't look right on an original car.
  8. Check out my '39 for sale on Ebay. I'd rather sell it to someone here that would keep it original and restore it. Make me an offer.
  9. I would like to thank everyone who gave me the solutions to my problem. I am trying to get the car running its best before I put it away for winter. All I have left to do now are the brake wheel cylinders and shoes.Its great to have a forum of Chrysler experts providing much needed advice to novice backyard mechanics like myself. Again, thanks to all.
  10. I called All American Carb and explained my carb problem again. The mechanic who rebuilt the carb told me to adjust the idle set screw and enrich the fuel mixture. It worked. My car now idles when the choke plate is fully opened. The car now idles very very slightly a little uneven with the vacuum gauge reading between 16.5 to 17. I checked my dwell again and now my old dwell meter is reading 36. I readjusted my timing to TDC. c49er mentioned in a previous post my dwell should be set at 38. My shop manual doesn't have a dwell setting for my '39 Chrysler 6 Cylinder. Is 38 the correct setting for my '39? If it is, should I reset my point gap for such a small difference?
  11. I called the shop and explained what I found when I did the smoke test. He said that the throttle shaft would be hard to find and a bushing might be required. There is a little wiggle room on the shaft when I move it. The car is a low mileage vehicle (59K mile). The car dies when the choke plate opens fully even after I adjust the carb for more fuel. The only vacuum leak I found was at the throttle shaft.
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