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Fathers Day

Ron Lawson

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Thanks Ron same to you mate hope you’ve had a good day. 
we are still in lockdown so haven’t been able to spend the day with all the Kids And Grandkids but we have our eldest grandson staying with us tonight. He’s going to help me put some Chrysler wheels together in the morning so that will be nice to do that with him. 

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5 hours ago, Ron Lawson said:

Happy Fathers Day to all of Aussie dads that are on these forums 

May your day be full of Love,Joy and Happiness 

Nicely said.

My two eldest kids and grand kids called in this morning.

The boss even let me work on the car after lunch [ yippee ] does not get any better!

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Hi Ron,

yep, certainly interesting times. Lockdown in Stage 4 has been extended for another 2 weeks.

I need a permit to get to and from work. Can’t go out after 8pm to 5am. Only one person can go to the shops.

After all this you still get morons who protest about their rights.....not thinking that they could be taking basic rights away from people who contract the virus.  Enough of my ranting.

There are various stages of my car I can’t do anything about as people that are doing specialised work are closed due to lockdown so I just to do as much as I can with what I have.

Definitely slow progress at this stage !

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