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  1. If it makes you feel better, I actually put mine in upside down. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why when I rotated the tail shaft the rear wheels were going backward. I thought it would only go in one way. Pulled it apart and reassembled and everything worked as it should. That was a bit of a trap.....but I’ll never admit I did it....ha
  2. Ply33 - I have a 34 Dodge Parts book and it was interesting to look this up. The bumper bars were accessories and the covers were either painted or chrome. Part number is 627577. This was available on both the DR and the DS models. Interesting what you find. The car even had a "Hat Box" as an accessory ! also a windshield defroster......haven't come across one of these yet either. Steve, thanks mate....We are now into Stage 4 Restrictions here with a 6 week lockdown. You can't go out between 8pm and 5am ( who would want to....its damn cold ! ) and if you go more than 5km from home you need a permit. Police are now checking cars randomly.
  3. You're doing a brilliant job Matt, keep up the great work.
  4. Finally found time to work on the car and post a few more photos. After contacting a few other dodge owners they sent me photos showing three lug at the bottom of where the gloxebox attaches to. Typical....not on my car !...back to making my little wooden support. Used a piece of redgum ( very hard timber ) . Grabbed the rebuilt glove box door with all the fittings and cut my little piece of redgum to suit. Made sure it fitted between the two hinges and didn't foul on them. Allowing for the bolts to hold it in place, I made a smalled piece, drilled the holes and countersunk them so the screws wouldn't hot on the hinge support. Tempory fitted the anchoring screws after marking out on the glovebox base. Checked the glovebox for fit around the door and where the hinges go and then adjusted the hinge slot in the base of the glove box. Finally after all that attached the glovebox door. Another two hours of adjusting and finally go the glove box door to shut properly. Now all I have to do is put the actual glove box in the housing ! Funny thing is I thought after a few hours I'd have this whole thing finished....sometime the simple things take the longest time to do ! Cheers Ian
  5. Hi Steve, These were chromed when I got the car so I just got them replated ( after fixing one of them ). Was this not the case originally ? Cheers Ian
  6. Great information.........always learning with this project !
  7. Hey all, Been a bit busy lately to do any progress on the Dodge. I did find time ( as we all do ) to buy something. It arrived all bolted together ( all 750 kg of it ) so spend most of yesterday putting it together. As my garage roof height is 3.4mt I bought the extra height left one so when the car is under it the ramps sit above the car and you don't hit your head on it. I just have a few adjustments to do and then bolt it to the floor before I put the car on it. Started work on the glove box and glove box door and getting it to fit. There is a large gap between the lugs at the bottom of the dash when the glove box door bolts to and the bottom of the glove box so I'll make up a wooden support which should fill the gap nicely. Once done I'll adjust the do so it shuts properly. I'll post photos when I'm a bit further along. Cheers Ian
  8. Page 11 of my thread......sorry.....been a long day !
  9. Have a look at page 11 of this thread....there are quite a few photos of what your after, I think.
  10. Hi Steve, I'm not at home at the moment, but go back through my posts....I'm sure there's a pic of mine in there somewhere. Cheers Ian
  11. A few more bits and pieces : Got the Dome Light housing installed, fitted a new globe and fitted the glass cover and retainer ring. Had a trial fit of the header panel so before I put the sunvisors on I 'm confident it will fit in place. Also trial fitted the dash trim panel to see how it looks. Came up pretty good with a snug fit. So far so good. Still having problems with the left side door as I think it may have been bent inwards at one stage as the window frame is binding on the door........No problems....only solutions. Cheers Ian
  12. Looking good. Not sure about your wiring when running it along the car but I started at the fuel tank and ran it all the way back to the firewall only to find that the thick part on the inside under the dashboard wouldn't fit through the firewall. Had to remove it and start running it from inside the car, through the firewall and then around to the fuel tank. Had to also remember to feed the grommet surrounds along the wiring ....after a second try !......as once you run the wiring, its too late.
  13. Now come all the fiddly bits and pieces and trying to get everything to fit in place. First job was to get the front seat runners bolted in place.....that was pretty straight forward once I had the right size bolts ! Found the upholsterer used the two forward holes on one side and the two back holes on the other side....so I just adjusted the runners to suit, otherwise I would have had to cut the carpet Once done I got the cross bar which I painted and two clevis pins which I didn't have. These were a little too long so I used a spacer and cut it down to suit. Trimmed the split pins and I think the end result looks the part. Just to make my wife happy, I got the two Front Bumper Bar Bolt Iron Covers out of the lounge room and made sure they had a tight fit. Two things off an extremely long list. Cheers Ian
  14. Thanks guys.......still a long way to go......I’ll keep pushing along !!!
  15. Soooo.....Rummaging around my bits and pieces I got when I original bought the car I came across two complete brake drum / backing plate setups. Couldn't see the Banjo Fitting for the year and years of muck built up around the. Finally got the socket over the bolt and removed them. Looks like they may had had a few fails and changed the design so the collar is incorporated in the complete fitting. They cleaned up pretty well. Also took a shot of the front of the car.....slightly different aspect of the car. Cheers Ian
  16. Dropped over to the exhaust guy yesterday and did a number of things. First job ( while up on a hoist....I have to get one of these ! ) was to drop the fuel tank. Drained it and undid the retaining straps. Couldn't work out why it wouldn't drop and then realised that the filler neck, grommet etc was still in place.....rookie mistake ! Sorted that out and finally got it removed. It became quite apparent of the problem. While the tank itself is in good order the sleeve that holds the filler tube was cracked most of the way around hence the leaking of fuel when the car was being transported. Found a place locally to where I was that actually makes and repairs long range fuel tanks. They will have it repaired in a week or so. Second problem was a leaking rear right side brake cylinder or so I thought. The leak appeared to be coming from the brake line where it goes into the banjo fitting rather than the cylinder. I tightened it up a bit and it continued to turn. Closer inspection I found that there was a crack in the banjo fitting. I'll source another one and then fix it. I'll have to remove the backing plate as the brake fluid has caused a bit of havoc with the paint. The exhaust guy took all the bracket fittings home and blaster and coated them. When I arrived he had them bolted in place and the exhaust system had been delivered. He couldn't get a round muffler so we opted for one as close as we could get which in the end actually sat up a bit higher. I decided on stainless steel piping so it wont rust and he buffed the end to give the impression of a chrome tip. He made up the rubber woven supports that take up the vibration in the brackets and the end result was that it is extremely sturdy. Another job off the list. I've arranged for it to be picked up next Tuesday and brought home. I'll have to refit the fuel tank and other items when she gets home. Cheers Ian
  17. Hi Keith, Do you have any left, I'd like to get one if I can. iangreenlaw@netspace.net.au Cheers Ian
  18. Thanks Scott, Is it only the two anchor points for the exhaust ? Is their nothing between the fuel tank ( rear of it ) and the rear of the car ?
  19. Dropped over to the Upholsterer prior to sending to the exhaust maker. Gave my upholsterer a hand fitting the front seat. In a previous post ( a number of years ago ) I cleaned up and got working properly the front seat runners. Mounted these in the floor where he cut a slot for them in the carpet. Mounted these and then put the base of the front seat in. Four bolts to hold it and then did a temp fitting of the lower cushion. Got to sit in the car for the first time in 20 years....actually got a bit emotional !.....anyhow all the rear lining boards etc should align once the garnish molds go in and a screwed into place. Still have a lot of adjusting to do but we'll get that sorted as we go along. The truck came and we loaded her up to go to the exhaust maker. Took my brother with me and we followed it along the road. As the truck driver turned the corned there was a rush of petrol spewed out from the left side of the fuel tank. Now this hasn't spilt a drop in ten years so either the filler neck has a problem or the tank has a split in it. Once the exhaust guy has drained the tank and he's finished his work, I have to drop the tank and check it out.......at least it present a problem now and not on the road......that would have been a disaster. Just goes to shows you're sure everything is ok and then something crops up ! There's never any problems.....only answers ! Cheers Ian
  20. Not 100% sure but is this what your looking for ? It's 2" long nd 1 1/4" at the widest part. This is an original 6v 1934 globe