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  1. So I've been looking at some way to get the passenger assist straps made to resemble the original ones ( which were non existent in my car ) Now here is where the problem lies.....there are so many different variations its confusing. What you might see in a brochure and what are in cars are two different things. As one member pointed out there were often 8 to 10 companies making different things for cars and they were chopped and changed depending on who they used at the time. I had some new chrome "mounts/holders" which we used. So using a bit of poetic licence, I got some fabric tube ( from my leather supplier ) and found a guy who does ship rigging. A wooden ball ( that we sell as a business in Australia ) and another wooden peg stand ( that we also sell ) and working with him with pictures of numerous styles in cars we came up with this....I can trim the bottom to suit or leave it as it is. The next job is the rope travel rug holder that sits behind and mounted to the back of the front seat.
  2. It has a video of him using it so you can see if its right for you. I found that the arm wasn't long enough for the front brakes so I made a matching arm.
  3. Great info guys.....love this forum as you never know whats going to be posted and see ideas and info other people have. Peter....this is where I got that brake tool from :
  4. Matt, is this where I order one of these racks ????.....labelled too please !!
  5. Hi Steve, Its weird, I know. Have a look at the schematic at the top of page 31 of this thread. One spring is one way and the other spring is the other way. You right though, what confused me is that the narrow part of the spring fits perfectly in the inside of the escutcheon plate. I think the way I did it puts less strain on the lining material as the tension is spread more evenly with the wider part of the spring.
  6. Righto chaps, Cast your minds back to when I posed the question of the springs for the interior door handles. Ok so today I bit the bullet....its taken a long time, trust me. First I checked the spring and the escutcheon plate for fit. Found the spring was slightly too large in diameter. Applied a bit of heat and gently nudged them to make the end a bit smaller. ( didnt take a photo as cant hold a blow torch, spring and phone or the garage would have caught on fire ) Removed the garnish mould and then the upholstered panel. Lay the upholstered panel on a clean cloth and sat the springs over the holes and marked location with a pen. Using a small chisel gently tapped around the full circle ( chisel tapped a bit hard and went through with a small slit which will be hidden by the escutcheon plate thankfully ! ) Ran my finger around in the inside to seperate the padding from the backing board. Second hole I used a tongue depresser to protect the leather. Using vice grips I broked the chiseled board away and neatened it up with a broken hachsaw blade I had which did the job perfectly. Checked both springs for fit. Slightly opened the small end of the spring and rolled onto the black plastic on the inside of the door which held them in place. Reinstalled the upholstered panel and you can see it bulging. Installed the window winder and door opener handles and reinstalled the garnish mould. I did do a dry run of the handles to make sure they all fitted properly. Glad I did as the retaining pin was too long and had to be cut down slightly. 1 down and three to go
  7. I suppose the term "I give up" is more atune to " give me a break " rather than I don't want to go on. It is odd when you go to another country and adapt to their road rules ( or try to ). Now for a bit of light entertainment.....this picture was posted to me from a guy in the States...it said no harm to a groom was made in taking the shot....and the bride encouraged it !!! This is one of my favourite pics ......
  8. OMG thats so funny Matt.......but probably describes it to a tee. The exception is a P Plater in a Ute with "Jet Pilot" sticker on the back window. You usually see them wrapped around a tree at some stage.
  9. If I ever get mine finished......hopefully I'm still alive by then !
  10. Been a while since I've posted mainly due to Covid lockdowns and end of financial year and Estate Returns etc.... think there's light at the end of the tunnel. I've been slowly having to redo all the brakes due to the poor car sitting so long everything has locked up. Finished the back ones and started on the front. Found that my nifty brake adjustment arm tool was too short. Pinched a bracket we use at work ( we call the boomerangs ) and modified it to suit. Actually worked out quite well. When I finally was able to get the pistons out of the brake cylinder it wasn't a very nice colour. Cleaned them up and repolished the pistons. Adjusted the brakes so now all 4 are done. Couldn't work out why the brake shoes weren't pulling back in place. Checked the bolts were in ok and then looked up and realised I hadn't put the spring back on. I went inside and had a cup of coffee ! All I need is my brother to help bleed them ( which I can't do due to lockdown ). You can see why this is so frustrating. Before I put the wheel back on I refed the horn wire so now this should drop the voltage down to 6volts per horn and shouldn't overload the wiring. I've been trying to contact the guy whos doing the rope finishing of the passenger assist straps and the cord that mounts behind the front seat but he never returnes my calls. Finally got hold of him ( as he has some of my original parts ) and he said he'd send me some photos. Still waiting !! I need these to finish of some of the interior as these chrome fitting hold a part of the interior panel in place.
  11. I think I got mine from Buckeye Rubber in the States ( for my 34 ). Original pattern and new steel.
  12. Door handles came up a treat. An the pads for the escutcheon plates just set it off.
  13. Also take measurements of the running board brackets etc... some are longer than others and easy to get mixed up. As the other guys said....load of photos.......and then more photos
  14. Looking good Ron.....keep at it.....then you can come over and do mine ( you wont be able to return home though....lol )
  15. Hey guys, I'm still alive !! been working and trying to get to the car. Finally got some time yesterday so I'll post some progress pics ( or lack of ). I like the way you get suspicious of us when we go quiet !! I live in Melbourne so like Matt, locked down tighter than a you know what. Sick and tired of this lockdown stuff. They actually said on the news that by November we should be able to travel to London but not Perth which is our own country. I give up. Last week I had to get tested as some idiot I worked with went to a mates place who he and his wife tested positive. Mine came back negative. My wife has had to have three tests last week for different reasons....most of the time its stupidity. She's a Nurse Manager for two medical practices so you can imagine what sort of nongs come in and ask dumb questions. Anyhow as I said finally got back to working on the car......yay
  16. Great job Matt, you are certainly a master craftsman when it come to this. I'd still be in jail after I shot the person who did this !! It's an absolute credit to you.....well done mate !
  17. Oh Matt........noooooooooo........I've just caught up whats been happening and I cannot believe it !!! I would have sat in the gutter and cried.....how you kept your cool is beyond me.....I would have lost it big time. Glad you and Jude are ok....and that it wasn't worse for that reason. I guess the only positive thing is you built it so you know where everything goes but that doesn't make up for the pride when she was finished. I am so very, very sorry this has happened. I feel for you.....I really do.
  18. This is what I used on mine. Maybe a different name in the States though. If you go to Page 13 of my thread you'll see the process I used of installing my roof. Maybe give you some ideas. Sorry about my thread being out of order, it happened when they tried to merge two threads into one......made a complete mess of it.
  19. Thanks Steve, Still sorting out Estate items which will go on for another 12 months I think. I will get the car finished.....mines now not about money.....everything has been paid for, but more so time.....never enough !! Sometimes I get home after work and I'm absolutely buggered.....I think I'm wearing out. I'll be back to the car this week so still pushing along.
  20. Great work on the roof Richard. I think I only had a few pieces of wood left and I couldn't even get a pattern.....I had to get mine done by my body repair guy. Its getting there !
  21. Sorry I've been off the forum for a while, a lot of things going on as well as leading up to the end of financial year. We run a small internet business from home as well as working which has exploded during Corona so I've had to get another storage shed built. I'm not building it but wiring, finishing and painting all takes a long time. here's a few shots. Its basically double the floor space of the shed next to it. For those that love a bit of detail........notice the dog kennel in the forth photo.....he has his own deck and porch light. This weekend coming I'll be back on the Dodge, I promise !
  22. Looks similar to my 34 but maybe a 33 or 35 ???? ( mine doesn't have the long removable pieces )
  23. Absolutely stunning work....just caught up after a stint away and all I can say is wow. Matt, what would we do without you ! ( i'd probably feel less inadequate but thats another storey ! )
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