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  1. Does anyone know if there were weather rubbers on the outside of the door frames ?
  2. Hi Bernie, Looking forward to following you on your next adventure. Cheers Ian
  3. Bit more to report. Cleaned up the spring loaded keepers for the doors and they seem to be in fairly good condition. I'll fit them later when I get a bit of time. Tackled the Driver's side front window. Trying to get it in place proved to be a tad difficult. You have to go in on an angle from the inside, slowly maneuvering it from left to right and adjusting the vent window handle so it all fits. Finally got the window winder mechanism in the right slots and got to the last vent window arm assist piece and it dropped into place....yay....one down one to go. Tried to fit the Bailey Channel bit it wasn't having it. It seems the channel im using is too thick or maybe its just new and not glued in place properly. I'll have to sort this out later. Cheers Ian
  4. Now with the window winders in place time to get back to the windows. One of those jobs you take a deep breath. I'm bending the Bailey Channel and using the window frame and a spray can as the template. Little bit of neatening up but got them bent correctly. I then got my window and removed all the masking tape etc...and cleaned them up. Looking good so far. A few minor adjustments with the window felt lower down and the windows fit in the frames. I think the end result looks pretty good and excited to try and get them in the car. All I have to do now is get them back in the door and attach the winders. I've had a few goes but not going in as planned. Time for a rethink. Cheers Ian
  5. Back to work on the car again. After I cleaned up the window winding mechanisms I covered them in axle grease. Unlike the door lock mechanisms these literally went in first try. A couple of the machine threads needed a bit of fixing but everything went to plan for once. Next job it to make sure the window glass slides inside the frames I refelted. Cheers Ian
  6. Best to make sure before the op. I thought I'd post a lot of bits while you were laid up to take the pressure off you !! Looking back I guess I needed a break from the car but now I jumped back in to a point where I've finally booked her in for the Upholsterers. Madly trying to get her to a point where its ready for them....front windows are testing me. My thread is being bounced all over the forums as there has been a bit of a glitch as they've lost all the first lot of my posts and photos but they are trying to sort that out.
  7. I was cringing all the way. I don't know what I would have done if they broke. Mind you, it took all my effort to bend them the damn things were tough little buggers. I used a solid core mouse pad to protect everything while I was working on it which helped.
  8. Hey all, One of those job you really don't want to do incase you stuff something up. Inside the doors are the anti rattle rollers. Unfortunately the one that is not removable unless you use force is the one I have to replace. Took a while but bent the holding clamp away from the holding pin so I could get access to the brass sleeve. I didn't have a lot of rubber tube to choose from which was the same size so I cheated a bit. I covered the brass shim with blue heat shrink. This fitted inside some brass tube I had. I then covered this with some red heat shrink which then fitted inside some small aluminium tube which then fitted exactly inside the rubber tube. Long process but it worked a treat. Slid it on the holding pin and without breating the holding tab bent them back in position. I'll touch the paint up later but at least they have been repaired. Probably easier if I'd done it when I stripped the door down, but you live and learn ! Cheers Ian
  9. Got a bit further again today. Found all the screws to hold the door lock mechanisms in place. Cleaned them up and painted them. Sprayed the front of the lock that has the barrel lock fitting on it so you may see theis when the car door is open so I thought I'd give it a shot of black. The grub screw to hold the barrel in place is missing so I thought I'd have a crack at making my own one. which fitted in the little hole at the front of the door. Mounted both door locks and installed both door handles I restored earlier after reshaping the rubber pad the escutcheon pad sits on. Cheers Ian
  10. Can't quite work out why when I click on the first page it takes me to only half the restoration and not the beginning ????
  11. Hey all, Found two little brackets that mount inside the front doors to buffer the window frame when being wound down. Rubber buffer was hard and missing one. Found a similar one at the local hardware store and cut it down to suit. Wire brushed the rusty brackets and tapped new holes as the original screws were too small. Should fit a lot better now. Also cleaned and painted the 4 little brackets I couldn't work out what they were for until another member helped me. Painted 2 Windlace retainer brackets too. Cleaned and taped, then painted the window channel bracket. Also taped up both doors ready to install the finished window and frame assembly. Cheers Ian
  12. Messaged the administrator and had the initial thread when I started the car merged with this thread. Now its all in one spot. Many thanks Peter ( Administrator )
  13. Yeah, but look at all the enjoyment I'm getting !!! ( and lack of hair to go with it :) ) And I haven't got them in the doors yet so I have the Bailey Channel to go yet too.
  14. Last piece of the felt glued into place. Next I'll clean up the new windows that I've resealed in their frames. Cheers Ian
  15. Hi All, I have 3 Window Winder handles that came with the 1934 Dodge I'm restoring. I believe they are from the 1930's but not sure with the pattern on the handle. I'm going to sell them but just need them identified. Cheers Ian
  16. Whoa......that looks fantastic.....I'm sending you mine !
  17. Spent a full day on the car today. Cleaned up the garage, tightened all the body to chassis bolts. Put the last pieces of felt in the window frames. Cleaned up the glass holders for the front windows and got rid of excess polyurethane. Ran a final bead the length of the window. Almost completed the windows now. The last shot is the original fabric covered strips that sit in the window frame where im attaching the felt to. Cheers Ian
  18. Many thanks for the photos. Went straight outside and checked the car and sure enough there's the little screws holding nothing in !! Another problem solved. Many thanks for looking into this for me. Cheers Ian
  19. Don’t know about craftsman...... just too damn fussy for my own good ! any idea where the little brackets come from I posted a bit earlier ? if it makes you feel better I’ve have 3 operations on my spine and my knees are starting to give me grief. i actually went to see my upholsterer today to book my car in. Found out he retired....but still goes to the factory every now and then. I’m hoping he’ll meet me to go over what I need done on the car.
  20. The moment of truth !! Cut along the felt with a sharp scalpel and it was actually easier than I thought. The only issue I had was getting the wooden template out of the window because along the line some of the polyurethane must have got onto the wood and dried. Using a pair of mutligrips I grabbed the wood and gently tapped the multigrips down and out she came ! So far so good. Now I have to get some felt in the two sides where the window winds up and down at the base of the frame. Cheers Ian
  21. After the Polyurethane dried I cut along the edge with a scalpel so once done this gave me a good starting point for the curved bit using the template I made. This gave a fairly neat edge...trick is to have a sharp scalpel !! Then using my template and again filling the inside with polyurethane and two smooth beads lining the sides I was able to get the felt to sit inside the channel. I used a few clamps to really compress it in place so now I have to wait a while until it dries to see if it worked. Cheers Ian
  22. Made up a wood template which will enable me to clamp the felt into place around the curved part of the window frame. Long process waiting for the polyurethane to dry and move onto the next part but I'm sure it will be worth it. Cheers Ian
  23. Righto guys, Who knows what these are. Am I correct in assuming that there are 4 that they are on the doors somewhere ???
  24. I've had to gently prise open one side of the inside roller and remove the sleeve that goes over the metal rod that you can see in the photo. Now all I have to do is get something to replace it ( nothing I have at the moment suits ) and reinstall it without breaking or scratching anything. If your going to repaint your car Steve ( knobless ) fix this first and tape it up prior to painting. All these little things I missed out on as I didn't pull the car to pieces in the first place. Thanks heaps for the photos guys.....another problem solved. I have another 4 clip fittings that I have no idea where they belong so I'll post that photo over the next few days. Cheers Ian