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1929 Chrysler interchangeable engine heads

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In the Chrysler parts book there are 2 part numbers for the model 65 cylinder heads, one is red head the other silver dome.

The model 66 has 3 different part numbers for cylinder heads, depending on the serial number.

 The part numbers for model 65 and 66 cylinder heads are not the same, however, the model 65 and 66 cylinder head gaskets share the same part number.

 Hope this helps


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Hi maok, Thanks for that mate, I might take up your offer if I can't find one but in the meantime keep good care of that spare head you never know if you might need it in the future I have the model 66 on it's way to me so will be able to fit it to the motor and confirm that it will work. 

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could you keep us posted on the outcome? We had a spare 65 engine, and the head off that engine is now on a model 70.  The early 70’s engines are about an inch shorter than the later models. The later model 70’s share the same engine as a 77.

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Will do, from what I have managed to find out the Head gasket for the Chrysler models 60, 62, 65, 66 and 70 up to engine number V13858 were interchangeable with one another, so I guess that the heads would fit the stud pattern the only question would be the depth of the compression chamber. 

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Yes a 65 head will fit on a 66 block and vice versa

The only difference may be spark plug hole diameter [ larger spark plugs 18mm on most 65s v 14 mm in a 66 head] and the mounting boss height for the distributor.

I had to machine down the boss to allow the distributor shaft to engage the drive slot in the oil pump.

How do I know this? I was chasing an overheating problem and suspected a cracked head.

Good news was  the car went just as good with the 65 head.

Bad news it didnt solve the problem.

,Hope this helps

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Somewhat related experience to share. When restoring my 1931 CD8 Chrysler I needed a good 8cyl block and head etc. Although the Dodge DC8/DG8 and 3 series CD8's used virtually same engines except for piston size (4 versions from 2&7/8 dia to 3.25" dia), I was told heads were interchangeable. I eventually found a good CD8 block (3" pistons) and CD8 head (3" pistons). Head fit block perfectly, and I had a NOS head gasket I had purchased. While bolt pattern, head dimensions, etc was identical when I bolted everything up tight and filled with coolant, could not seal properly. Took back apart to find the cooling ports had changed between engine iterations slightly, and holes in head and block were identical but gasket was different. Had to order a specific 3" piston gasket (took part # off an original), which luckily Olsen's had. Even they did not realize the gaskets differed between the 3" first series CD8 engine and the 2nd series CD8 3.125" engines. The photos show the extra coolant ports in the later iteration. I gather they experienced over-heating issues at back end of the early blocks/heads, and so coolant holes matched for first 3 cylinders, but by time you get to last cylinder there are several extra coolant holes. So be careful to ensure block, head and gasket match perfectly including alignment of coolant holes. 


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