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  1. Generator on left indicate small 7-bearing engine. Front outlet of exhaust indicate 1929 or newer, a 1930 Series 66 would be a CC engine so maybe missing a C?
  2. Back in the 80s a vendor calling himself The Gasket King asked whether my Series 65 was an export model, which according to his sources should have a smaller bore than the regular Series 65 and corresponding different head gasket. I have never encountered anything like that but could be an explanation to the deviation in engine volume and HP-rating as the data tag shows?
  3. I was told to use 56 Ford Meadowgreen by Sherwood Kahlenberg back in the early 80s for my 1929 Chryslers. Produces a nice green tint, not as grey as the 32 exampled here.
  4. No further comments? Her is an outside photo to draw some interest. The car will not be painted, but I am looking for the missing "shiny" bits.
  5. No. Must have been added by the importer, including recommending a specific oil for servicing. I also doubt Chrysler Corp would have slipped a data-tag with incorrect numbers on it.
  6. The initial picture is of the back seat which is complete although possibly rotten and the top of the back is sun-burned. The front seat is falling apart. I was hoping that a good match for the front seat would enable me reusing the rear original with patches from the front.
  7. Here is a Norwegian data tag for a Series 75 Roadster. The car was made in Detroit and the quality of the tag is questionable, including stamping an incorrect first digit in the FEDCO-number and unreadable last digits. It has also lived a hard life, but will likely be put back in its patinated condition.
  8. It is SMS that I have tried, are there any alternative sources?
  9. That's a cool tag which US market cars did not have. I believe there was an European assembly plant, possibly in Netherlands or Germany at the time. The tag is likely result of national regulations. The European 1929 Chrysler adverts were fantastic examples of ArtDeco by the way.
  10. I have a 52 Saratoga with rotten interior and in order to be an enjoyable classic the seats must be reupholstered in hopefully a correct grain of fabric. The enclosed pictures show my current fabric and what SMS in Oregon can offer as a "exact replacement". To me the colors are good, the texture (wool) is good, but the pattern is only similar with the top fabric as best match. Anyone know about a better source for upholstery?
  11. When doing the cooling system, you might also want to check the water distribution tube for even spread of cooling water in the back of the engine. I did get some assurance when a laser thermometer displayed no excessive heat in the rear.
  12. I found this when searching for the Berliner page, is this what you are searching for?
  13. Those are Stromberg AAV-1, OEM for ca 1940 Chrysler L8. An issue is that there seems to be no experience in putting two of these on an engine, also they are 4 bolt while the intake is set up for 97s and 3 bolt. I intend to to get the engine running this winter and might well start out with a pair of 97s. Or what about a homemade intake with six of them (as seen in 2017)?