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  1. Leather gaiter dimension refer photo. I reckon the general pattern is identical on all 8 ends, with 16 cm across the spring side of all the gaiters. The other end will vary on the design of the cast-in-two-pieces spring clamp, on a Series 65: 4x 27cm like this one, plus 2x 30 cm and 2x 35 cm. You can control those measures and make your own imperial ones by measuring the circumference of each style of mount and spring.
  2. Have you tried Jay Astheimer for a replacement head?
  3. The style of the shocks just visible on your car indicate that you are looking for wires to replace, is that correct? If it is the woven style of shock snubbers you are after, I believe companies offering these come up on a google search?
  4. YL128C would be a Series 60 produced in April 1926. The engine serial number is further up on the block, top front corner left side. The numbers you have found are a parts number and possibly a casting date (Jan 15, 1926 maybe or July 15)
  5. Removal is straightforward but tedious with a couple of large flat screwdrivers, unless the rubber is totally worn down and falls out. Two restorers in Europe have made their own rubber blocks by filing down large square blocks to approximate size, the patent is rather forgiving. Anyhow both the sets from Scott's Auto Rubber (AUS) and Steele that I previously have bought needed lots of work to make do. Illustrated is the Steele version (the AACA program insists to present the photo upside down). I did however ask for a set to fit a Series 65 and did not send in the old ones f
  6. I just did a Facebook Messenger approach to L&L and got response immediately.
  7. Believe I have some old remnants, will get back to the issue. Be advised that one size does not fit all as some rubber block housings are much larger than others.
  8. Steele, Metro, and Scott's Rubber in AUS will claim they have some of that stuff, but what I have bought through the years did not impress me and the word generic springs to mind. I had much more success in gathering rubber stops from parts cars, painting them before putting the 90 year old parts on my car. It is these days you anyhow very rarely need the full travel of a suspension so a fossilized rubber block does not matter much. The leather gaiters that cover the spring rubbers on all 8 spring ends can be sewn from an old as pattern or you just make one. My upholster guy fitted
  9. And use the Buy/Sell sub-forum? I have stuff like that but I never read the content/main txt of a topic just called "wtb"
  10. My guess is that 3 amps is the minimum current let through by the relay. Experience with three different D-R relays and generators indicate that maximum output on the 28 era is around 16 amps, not much compared to maybe 35 amps on 10 years younger models. But it will suffice unless you do prolonged nighttime driving, then LED bulbs or a larger generator is needed.
  11. Any company names to check with? I have the engine apart and it will need to be bored 0.030 over - or more if a vendor would have +0.040 in stock etc. Guess a sample can be sent across the Atlantic if a drawing or specification is not good enough. Intention is to run the engine in a Special or Race Car replica harking back to the 33/35 Argentinian car that raced on Indy with various drivers. Anyone got a quartet of Winfield downdrafts laying around?
  12. Having followed this Forum for several years I notice there is not much discussion or mentioning of the CCCA Chrysler Imperials that probably were the first Mopars to be recognized by enthusiasts. The lack of sources for information and parts is also overwhelming, if you google these cars the only feed you get is a countless stream of cars being advertised throughout the years. My quest at current is to find pistons in +0,030" or 0,040 for an August 1930 Imperial CG engine (3,53 or 3,54" diameter with three piston rings). Is there any source besides Egge (12 weeks wait and $1750 thank you
  13. Absolutely superb car and would be a treat in black. It is not that much more of challenge to paint it black (as Rolling Stones recommended, and as Bill Harrah had his CG done). Please also consider deleting the trunk, I believe a big trunk overhanging at the rear shift the car's overall balance and detracts to lines of the car. This is the Harrah car to my understanding, in a later edition with the Blackhawk Collection.
  14. Could you please use the dedicated subForum for Parts Sell/Buy than posting your adverts on this discussion forum?
  15. The Scintilla horn has been on the car since its stay in UK (1929-1938). The original was all rusted solid, but I did find a replacement in 2004 at Retromobile in Paris. Two years later I found another replacement that also buzzed...
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