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1955 Transmission was scrapped


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I recieved this for some help and to remind people to keep track of their components when farming them out for repair.
Hi everyone,
My father's 55 Buick is in pieces all over western PA for repair! (it's a Buick model 63 Riviera 4 door hard top.) My father is not one to be a squeaky wheel and push for getting work done at repair shops (he usually tells everyone to take their time and just waits for them to call him). This backfired when we found out the man working on his Buick transmission died some time ago and presumably the family scrapped everything (we've been trying to track things down and get confirm/closure for about 6 months).  I'm planning to place a want ad in the Bugle for a transmission. But since you are in PA (we're in Pittsburgh), just wondered if you have any thoughts on locating a 55 Buick tranny?
Melissa McSwigan, on behalf of Andy McSwigan
412 726-7573
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"A while back we took this car in. ... It's one of the good things about doing antique work: it's no rush to get to 'em; it's kind of fill work, and you know, I had to start it eventually".  WTF?!  


And they're still in business.  First Google review: "Terrible place! Be prepared to be ripped off! This owner broke the law & never gave us prices before doing work. Lied about towing being free & replaced parts & charged for work that was not necessary."


I do some work with a fellow in Red Lion.  I should if he knows of this place.

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In response to video of "1952 Roadmaster transmission removal", look at this rear end screw jack, is a Kent-Moore tool, to avoid the removal of the complete rear end with torque tube.




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