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'20s School Bus

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Shiver !!!! That is literally the reaction I had upon first seeing your posting, Hudsy'. If I am not mistaken, North Dakota and Minnesota are the coldest places in the U.S. But I could be mistaken, maybe Montana is. Too cold for me in any case. Some people, even real live folk who study such things, people who actually know such trivia, experts, make the astonishing claim that back then about 100 years ago, things were colder yet. I might think that is a dubious claim, but for the approximately 65 years of experience I have had remembering  being aware of Winters conditions. Where I cruise, Winters ain't what they used to be. Shiver !!!!!!! I shoulda bought a piecea California when I coulda. Then again, those same experts are saying parts of that state might be getting TOO HOT for comfort. Cool contribution, Hudsy'. REAL cool !!!!!!!!      -     CC 

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Anybody know what those brackets(?) are on the ends of the wooden beam in front of the cab?




That bus may have been cold but I suppose it beat walking.  My HS history teacher used to regale us with tales of how lucky we were because he had to walk to school every day through blazing heat, freezing cold, rain, sleet and/or snow.  That is until we found out he lived across the street from the school.  🤣

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