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  1. John, You might check on the CLC Forum for this info. There's quite a few people with this issue and I'm sure someone is making repops of these. Wes in VT
  2. Good Catch, Broker-len. This particular scam has been around for a while now. Sometimes it's groceries, sometimes it's a FedEx package. Your friend's email was found somewhere and is being spoofed by the bad guys. This can happen when folks have their email addresses posted on a website for the whole world to see. Thanks for the warning. Wes in VT
  3. I'm thinking that would be an awesome ice fishing shanty. Wes in VT
  4. Have you tried to Google it?
  5. John, Check out If you use the suggestions from the support pages you can fine tune your searches I've had mixed results so it's a roll of the dice regarding the accuracy of your searches. Wes in VT
  6. These guys are using "vintage" buses with modern chassis. Here's more info: Wes in VT
  7. tripwire


    There's a discussion about this same website on HAMB. General consensus is the site is a scam. As someone already said, nice work if you can get it. Wes in VT
  8. If you need it to be 1 1/2" tall buy a stack of them or get a machine shop to cut one out of a thick piece of the same material.
  9. Will this one work for you? Wes in VT
  10. Are you a member of the Cadillac Lasalle Club? Or, at least have you looked at their online forum? They have worldwide membership so I'll bet one of those guys will be able to help you. Good luck! Wes in VT
  11. Again, It's my opinion eBay is not the best venue for these parts. I looked the Completed Listings and saw only one crankshaft that closed with bids lately and that one had a starting bid of $20, 12 bids later closed at $104.49 with flat rate shipping of $25. The sale didn't complete because it was relisted several more times with the same starting bid and closed with no bids. It's active now if you go look. A lot of Model A parts offered have a shipping cost associated with the listing and those don't seem to be at a competitive disadvantage to the items with free shipping. Your Question "Don't know why shipping items or objects is so expensive these days?" My opinion is this. Retail shipping is high to make up for the discounts the volume sellers (Amazon is one example) get so the little guy who isn't shipping millions of boxes has to pay the difference. It becomes very obvious as other people have pointed out. Open an account with Fedup or UPS and you'll see a discount from retail just for that one step. Start shipping a huge number of boxes and you can tell the shipper what you'll pay. Good luck, Wes in VT
  12. And, your other parts are still active on eBay, with free shipping, even after all of this discussion... I can't wait to hear what it will cost to ship that head or crankshaft. Personally, I don't post things on eBay unless I know there's a good chance they will sell. From what I see, Model A engine parts aren't movers on eBay so I would look for a more viable selling venue. Perhaps a Model A forum? Wes in VT
  13. My dad was into woodworking and used a brace as a drill. It looks like a speed wrench only it has a chuck on the end instead of a square end to attach sockets. Wes in VT
  14. Any chance a 115v bulb work? Try these guys: Here's an example of something they have. Wes in VT
  15. We don't get out as much as we'd like to but here we are at the Waterbury, VT VAE show last August. I'm not in the picture but my wife, Nelli is, wearing her 1st prize winning costume. And, although it's can't be seen in this photo she was carrying a Wendell Willkie for President handkerchief which I'm sure helped convince the judges she was dressed appropriately for the time period. The car is our 1940 LaSalle Model 52.
  16. If you resize the photos to a smaller size they will load to this page.
  17. Any chance you could post a few more pictures? And, maybe tell us where it's located. Wes in VT
  18. 55 - 57 Tbirds are well represented on the internet by parts suppliers, clubs, forums etc. Brake parts are easily obtainable. Here's some sources for you: Good luck. Wes in VT
  19. There are escrow services out there that might be of interest to you. Be aware there are fraudulent services in addition to the legitimate ones. You might also want to find someone near the car to go look at it to ascertain that it actually exists and possibly provide a report of condition. Many club members are willing to help. Some expect to be paid, others will do it as a favor. You didn't indicate the make, year or model of car you are interested in but it would behoove you to find someone who knows something about the type of car you're interested in rather than one with only general knowledge. I'm sure others on this forum can offer more suggestions. Wes in VT
  20. Here in Burlington, VT what used to be the Lake View Buick dealership building is still in use, but not as a car dealer anymore. On the back corner of the left side of the building is an overhead door that opens to a ramp that goes to the second floor where the parts & service departments were situated. The building was new in 1924 and ceased being a dealership in 1972. The new & used cars were parked on a lot across the street. There's a building on that lot now. Wes in VT
  21. Have you tried posting this inquiry on the Cadillac LaSalle forum? Wes in VT
  22. Back in the day when I was in the service dept. at the local Buick dealer we ran into this a lot here in the state of Vermont. What would bring the car in was either a brake or fuel leak. Many times, the area that was leaking was at or near the pipe clamps. It was quickly discovered that other soft areas were present at nearly every other pipe clamp. So, we'd end up replacing the pipe from one end to the other. We'd also replace the fuel pipes because they were in similar condition. There were other instances where we'd see a car come in with a fuel leak and we'd see brand new brake pipes. The customer had just been somewhere else to get the brake pipes fixed and the other garage failed to do their customer the favor of replacing the fuel pipes at the same time so the customer was forced to pay twice. So, my recommendation is to replace all of the pipes and be done with it. Wes in VT
  23. Yes, Customs is involved with any package shipped out of the country. If you are shipping a box the post office will give you a form to fill out detailing what you're sending, it's country of origin and value. Usually, the receiver will be responsible for paying any duty fees and import taxes. Those fees & taxes can be significant depending on where it's going. You also need to be cognizant of package size restrictions and restricted items. Your best bet is to go to the USPS website and take a look under the "International" tab. There's a lot of info there for you to look at. Wes in VT