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  1. tripwire

    Car parts

    Yes, Customs is involved with any package shipped out of the country. If you are shipping a box the post office will give you a form to fill out detailing what you're sending, it's country of origin and value. Usually, the receiver will be responsible for paying any duty fees and import taxes. Those fees & taxes can be significant depending on where it's going. You also need to be cognizant of package size restrictions and restricted items. Your best bet is to go to the USPS website and take a look under the "International" tab. There's a lot of info there for you to look at. Wes in VT
  2. tripwire

    Anyone Recognize this?

    Nope, me either. That's why I posted the pix. All I could think is it was some kind of actuator for a seat or a tailgate.
  3. tripwire

    Anyone Recognize this?

    Tinindian, Good guess but I'm told it is a Dirx light switch for a 1941 Caddy. Single year switch.
  4. tripwire

    Anyone Recognize this?

    Someone I know came across this switch. Any ideas as to what it does & what it comes from? He said it was in a box with 30s - 40s Cadillac stuff but there were other random parts in the same box. Wes in VT
  5. tripwire

    Wanted: Hub Puller

    Keiser31, he did't say he was looking for the best, he said he was looking to spend a total of $60.00. I agree this Amazon tool is probably not the best there is and I have no knowledge regarding its life expectancy. I was just pointing out there is one that fits his budget. I also agree it may not last a lifetime of daily use. I would say it would be up to the OP to make his own cost / benefit analysis. Also, because it's Amazon he can use it and return it and get all of his money back if he only needs it once during the purchase return period. Not that I would ever do that. I did a quick search and found these... Here's an American made one that fits his price criteria. And this one might be worth watching... Or this one. It's a bit out of his price range but not by too much. Or, this one. Or, this one Or, this one Or, this one These things are out there. Sometimes you have to do a little looking. Wes in VT.
  6. tripwire

    Wanted: Hub Puller

    Is this one to your liking?
  7. tripwire

    Wanted: Hub Puller

    Have you looked at eBay? That's where I found mine. Wes in VT
  8. tripwire

    LaSalle Emblem

    It's a hubcap emblem for a 1937. If you look at eBay you'll find some hubcaps with that emblem on it. Wes in VT
  9. tripwire

    35 to 41 Cadillac Parts. Too much to list. Priced right.

    Anything for a 1940 Lasalle? Wes in VT
  10. tripwire

    looking brace / jumpers drive shaft buick 69

    Here in the US we call them U Joint Retainers or U Bolts. Amazon may have them for you or another parts supplier. You will probably have to provide measurements to get the correct ones for your car. Good luck. Wes in VT
  11. tripwire

    Broken fuel gauge

    You have an open circuit, broken or disconnected wire, somewhere between the gage and the gas tank. Find it and fix it. Wes in VT
  12. tripwire

    Suchion Cup marks and Haze on New Windshield

    Hudsy Wudsy I remember Babo, but I haven't seen it in any of the stores around here. Bon Ami is available pretty much everywhere.
  13. tripwire

    Suchion Cup marks and Haze on New Windshield

    You might try Bon Ami powdered cleanser. I've had good luck with it on glass and it says right on the container, "Hasn't scratched yet" Wes in VT
  14. tripwire

    1953 Coupe Deville Part question

    You might try asking this question on the Cadillac Lasalle Club forum. Wes in VT
  15. tripwire

    Opinions On This 1936 Cadillac?

    This ad reminds me of a '57 TBird for sale I went to look at several years ago. It was a lot rougher than the owners wanted to admit to and priced significantly higher than it should have been. As I looked at the car and talked with the seller, one of 3 children of the person who had owned it and had passed away, he told me they would consider offers. So, I decided to make an offer for what I thought would put me in a good position to get this car on the road for about its true value. He countered with a higher number, which I expected, but it was still very high. As we continued to negotiate I started to see a pattern develop that revealed their underlying intentions. It seems his counter offers to my offers all divided by 3 very nicely. Ultimately, I gave up and continued my search for a nice old car. Some time later they did sell the car but not anywhere near what their visions of sugarplums price. Wes in VT