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  1. An new, fully committed, member of the Manual Gearbox Destruction Society..
  2. Thanks John, I guess I missed the part about the engine getting changed in the '70s. Feel free to attach any label you choose: treasure, restomod, your call. Like I said earlier, it's only my opinion that this car is something special, if you feel otherwise you're welcome to do so.
  3. Just last week while I was at my local parts store to pick up a couple of brass fittings for the vacuum advance pipe on my '40 Lasalle there was another fellow in the store trying to find some parts for a 1954 Cadillac 331 engine. As usual, the guy behind the counter was asking him for the model of the car he was working on so he could go through the menu in his software. It turns out he was a bit surprised when he heard the answer. The man said the engine is in a 1940 Lincoln Continental. There was a bit of conversation from the counter man as he was trying to figure out how to look up what
  4. One thing I discovered when making that change was you're going to need REALLY good grounds for the bulbs. Any hint of corrosion in the sockets or poor connections to ground will result in lack of function. Good luck. Wes in VT.
  5. Pretty sure that's not Skyhawk. Probably Skylark. Wes in VT
  6. Looks like it sold already. https://www.essexmotorsport.com/cars-for-sale Wes in VT
  7. John, You might check on the CLC Forum for this info. There's quite a few people with this issue and I'm sure someone is making repops of these. Wes in VT
  8. Good Catch, Broker-len. This particular scam has been around for a while now. Sometimes it's groceries, sometimes it's a FedEx package. Your friend's email was found somewhere and is being spoofed by the bad guys. This can happen when folks have their email addresses posted on a website for the whole world to see. Thanks for the warning. Wes in VT
  9. I'm thinking that would be an awesome ice fishing shanty. Wes in VT
  10. Have you tried to Google it?
  11. John, Check out https://www.searchtempest.com/ If you use the suggestions from the support pages you can fine tune your searches https://support.searchtempest.com/hc/en-us/articles/205166977-Advanced-Keywords I've had mixed results so it's a roll of the dice regarding the accuracy of your searches. Wes in VT
  12. These guys are using "vintage" buses with modern chassis. https://www.yellowstonenationalparklodges.com/connect/yellowstone-hot-spot/the-coolest-way-to-tour-yellowstone/ Here's more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Jammers Wes in VT
  13. There's a discussion about this same website on HAMB. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/car-sales-scams.740752/ General consensus is the site is a scam. As someone already said, nice work if you can get it. Wes in VT
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