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1954 Kaiser Darrin

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I remember seeing your car nick for the first time when I first joined five years ago . 

I had never seen a Darrin or even heard of one up and till I saw one of your posts, and I thought what a beautiful car , you must be sad to part with it , it’s beyond my budget but I wish you success in finding a new lucky owner.

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A little known fact:  The NADA price guide is for

ALL-ORIGINAL cars.  That is stated in the preface

to their printed book, but may be lost when checking

prices on the internet.  Their preface acknowledges

that their listed values are higher than the norm. 


All the best to you, Jake (Nick), in your sale.

Is it time to get something else?


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I posted Nicks car with the for sale sign... I want to sell Jake's car..  I still have 16 cars.. May not buy any more.. right now ..


You never know once you get hooked.. It is hard not to buy another one..


It for sale to pay for college.. I have 5 years to get rid of it.. Hope the old car market goes up...


He owns the jr one also.. It is for sale.. It OK if it sells I may a spare one  in the shop..



car stuty.JPG

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4 hours ago, mike6024 said:

I suppose it is still for sale and he probably hasn't seen your comment.


In the mean time, here is one being auctioned and we will see what the market has to say about value.




CURRENT BID: $44,444 Comes with a removable hardtop too.


1954 Kaiser Darrin1954 Kaiser Darrin



BAT will bring more than retail.  Typically.   That is a nice car.

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