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1955 buick rear end


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43 minutes ago, demon452 said:

Plan on doing an open drive conversion. Will a 61/62 3rd member  bolt Into a 55 housing? I know they will work with a 56. I understand if it works I would have to get new axles due to the splines. 


Thanks in advance 


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50 minutes ago, old-tank said:



Here is one using the original parts.  I just took the picture and did not get to talk to the owner.  Appears there would be an external pinion seal and the universal attached to the splines of the pinion.



Did you get a picture of what he did with the other end of the struts?


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1 hour ago, old-tank said:

Tried but it did not turn out...even this picture had to be enhanced.  And I was too creaky to look, hoping that the camera would pick it up.

I understand that Willie.  Much the same for me.  I wonder if the factory struts are strong enough to double as trailing arms?  Doesn't seem they would be to me. 

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On 2/6/2020 at 3:01 PM, Jim Nelson said:

Just add overdrive to the original torque tube rear.   Did it to my ‘38’ 40 series special and I am doing it to my  ‘35’ 50 series Vicky.    It’s an easy change.   Taken long trips with the OD and the engine loafs along at 2350 and 65 mph.  

How much did the conversion cost or was this easy like in a day in your garage that you did yourself? What kind of od unit? Please more details as Im sure lots would like to know more! Its become a safety issue imho! Merging into 80mph traffic wether U want to or not as it may be unavoidable once you decide to get on that freeway entrance ramp!

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