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  1. There are several methods to getting LED turn signals. First, if you are doing a 6 volt system, here is a source for 12 volts. FIrst, getting a 6 volt to 12 volt converter . Amazon has one that gives you about 3 amps. There are some which put out 10+ amps. so you can power some accessories with 12 volts. The converter can be placed under the front seat or under the dash. This becomes your 12 volt source. Then you add dual filament bulb sockets. The first socket is your parking light socket bulb.. The second is a new wire that runs the LED turn signal. You are going to r
  2. Thanks, I will check and verify the year. You are : netpartsinc@roadrunner.com Where is a/c 909-.... Curious ?
  3. Needed a 46 / 47 Plymouth wheel. One of my friends has a '47' and says the 46/47 wheels are different than later wheels. And help would be appreciated. Oldbuickjim@gmail.com
  4. I request that my need be sent to me as I do on all my comments. I need the information to find what I need at the time. I normally get a response from aaca saying so&so is responding. I have not received that response. If you responded - I got nothing. Would you send your response to me to : Oldbuickjim@gmail.com Many thanks. My friend has a '46' Plymouth and needs a wheel so I said I would ask the guys at aaca who know every thing where I can find it.
  5. I am in need of two 1946 Plymouth wheels. I believe the '46' and '47' wheels are different from earlier and later wheels.
  6. Yup, mine is the 50 series engine that continued with the design from - I believe '31'. You havevthe beginning of the 248 engine and mine was of the last of the 'side mounted ' design. I think you can replace your engine with a 248 if needed.
  7. My 35-58 has a oil filter that is inside a can mounted on the right side. I bought the car and I got two extra oil filters. Here is a pix of the right side of my engine. Maybe this is what the factory installed.
  8. Try Rare Parts inc. I needed lower pivot pins on my '35-58' front suspension. They had what I needed and their product was better that original. Here is the part I needed.
  9. Hi Greg, Jay's pix show what mine looks like. If you take a magnet, that will tell you if its SS. I think the purpose for it is cosmetic and provides a nice wear surface to the pax clothes getting in and out of the car. Use some very fine (2000 grit) and polish it. SS will polish up nicely. If you have any buffing stuff for your drill, that works also nicely.
  10. Plus, I had the 'variable - wire wound' - voltage control unit mounted on one of holes under mine. It might have operated my fan on my heater. I think my heater was installed by a local dealer. (? Local ? ) . I don't have history to tell when / where my 35-58 was built etc. I will check with the chassis s/n to begin my search. When I got under the panel, I found it was not hooked to anything so its just a guess. I need to get a new one so I can control my fan. Fortunately, coverting to 12 volts will make that task a bit easier. The chrome piece under the dash
  11. I find that our old Buicks ALL have cooling issues. I live in the deep south (Florida) and we need (at minimum) 'pusher' fans in front of our radiators. Normal running is not a problem but when you stop, our systems don't seem to handle it. Our big cast iron blocks are slow to catch up. Our modern aluminum cooling systems "with" shrouds controlling air flow thru our radiators makes a difference. I am working around a custom shroud for my '35' Buick. It already has a pusher fan in addition to the normal fan. I've been down this road - down here - and trying to drive in
  12. I have used a product called 'Thermocure'. Amazon has at $15.99 a bottle. (You might try Walmart for better pricing ). I find Amazon to have higher pricing (IMHO). I had a '1937' 40 series that I bought that had cooling issues. I bought two bottles and needed both. My first flush gave me blackish coolant flush when I used it. BTW, this uses plain water when mixed with the 'Thermocure'. Then I used it a second time and it still came out very dark - denoting the chemicals in thermocure were doing its job of de solving iron oxide / rust , but better in color. So
  13. If you have a 'Harbor Freight' close by, buy on of those tilting devices so you can lift and tilt as necessary. That with an engine hoist (again - around $150 for a 2000# version to handle the over hang issue, your home free. Mine folds up into a ~ 18" x 24" space. You might find a used one for less or borrow one. The tilt device just goes into a corner for the occasional use. That worked for me with my '248' swap.
  14. Be careful with the cast mount that supports the oil filter. Many break there. Making a support by bracing from below will help. Anything that relieves the vertical load on that casting.
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