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  1. pont35cpe, I contacted the guys in Ca. Rare Parts. Cherry was very nice. I have found that some King Pin kits (80/90 series) have a diameter of 1.062. I think that can be centerless ground to get to the correct dia. Also, the 38-90 'A' frame in the same position has a 1" dia pin that seems to be identical to the pin on my '1935' yoke. I have cross referenced these pin dia. with my service manuals so this may be good. I have let the guys at Rear parts know what I've found. It should be interesting what they come up with.
  2. This works best but if not, knowing which wheel you have makes life easier. If they are 5” bc wheels, you just take the wheels off your ‘38’. If they are 5-1/2” wheels, then I’ve got reasonably good wheels / tires to get your beast up and on your trailer and home. Then, Jack it up on Jack stands and I’ll take my wheels back home. You can hope that if you got 5-1/2” wheels, that you car sand black them and paint them. As I mentioned, those wheels are hard to find so renovating them is important. Ahhh, the fun of resurrection of great old cars.
  3. I’ll dig them up. Many thanks ! ! I just talked to ‘Cherry’ who asked me to send a good drawing ‘ dimensions and I am going to take a pix and e-mail that info to them and they will help me.
  4. Possibly an error on the 37-60 series. ( wrong chart). It should read : The 37-40 series and 60 series used 5” B.C. while the 80 & 90 series used a 5-1/2” B.C. The “37” wheel design was like the ‘38’ design but had a different hub cap.
  5. Mr. Earl, Buick was not nice to folks like us. Buick kept (?) the 16” rim size BUT THEY CHANGED THE ‘BOLT CIRCLE’. The ‘38’ 40 series has a 5” B.C., the 38-60 had a 5” B.C. and the 80 & 90 series had a 5-1/2” B.C.. On my ‘35’ they had 3 different B.C. The 40 series had a 5” B.C., the 50 series had a 5-1/2” B.C. and the 60 & 80 series had 6” B.C. The 1936 40 series had a 5” B.C.. the 60 and 80 series had a 5-1/2” B.C., and the 90 series had a 6” B.C.. The 37-40 also will work but the 37-60 had a 5-1/2” wheel. The 37-80 and 90 also had 5” B.C. wheels. So, there are your options. If your are going to match your ‘38’ 40 series car, you can use 1935 40 series (rare), or the 36-40 series and the 36-will also work. The 37-40 (Also hard to find) (reason - ?, the 5” B.C. wheels will fit a lot of modern cars so guys would grab them to put on their cars - especially the artillery style. ). ! ! I am fortunate to have very nice 5-1/2” B.C. wheels. I found a 5-1/2” set (6) of wire wheels that will let me swap my artillery wheels when ever I want, However, that requires a second set of tires ( $ $ ). So I will start with my regular wheels the car came with. According to Buick, my 35-57 series had wire wheels as an option. Have fun. ! Check with Dave Tacheny in Minneapolis. 1-763-427-3460. He does not do e-mails, phone only between 4:30 - 6 pm. He is a good supplier of ‘36’ to ‘40’ parts. (This info came from Service Manuals that I have on my shelf).
  6. I am rebuilding my lower ”A” frame has a yoke at the end next to the knuckle support. There a a 1” dia. pin that connects the two. (‘A’ frame to the bottom of the knuckle support). My pins are in need of replacement. Who might have a NOS pin ?
  7. I am rebuilding my 1935 lower ‘A’ frame but the pivot pin that goes thru the yoke is not good. It’s a 1” diameter pin with cross drilling’s to get grease to the two bronze bearings. Both pins are in need of replacement. Is there a nos pin available ?
  8. Hi Marv, I paid $900 for the pair (plus freight) from Apple Hydraulics. I found that I can not use them. I would like $750 for the pair (plus freight).
  9. 1935-50 series shocks. Rebuilt, never used. Oldbuickjim@gmail.com
  10. I need both 60 series knuckles and drums for my 1935 Buick. Trying to change to a 50 series knuckle is more work. The knuckle support works on either knuckle. Oldbuickjim@gmail.com.
  11. I need both 60 series knuckles and drums for my 1935 Buick. Trying to change to a 50 series knuckle is more work. The knuckle support works on either knuckle. Oldbuickjim@gmail.com.
  12. Old-Tank, I see you were the guy who mentioned about the softer brake shoe material. Who’s the supplier ?
  13. What shoe materials are you talking about - being ‘soft’ and aggressive. Love to know the manufacturer so I can keep my brakes it best stopping condition. Brakes are cheep compared to broken cars and broken body - mine in particular.......
  14. 60flattop: Adjusting style of driving is only the minor problem.. Where I drive, “it’s the out of state” “tourist drivers” that will get you. I’m stuck living in this area because frau wants to live here. Family close by and hospitals also. Getting old sucks. I’ve tried to keep a ‘reasonable’ spacing to give me ‘time’ to slow down and stop. Today, I was going in the middle lane, on a 6 lane divided highway (only way to get anywhere) and watched a red pickup suddenly darted from the left fast land crossing all lanes, all the way to an off ramp because he wanted to get off right now. Needless to say, several cars had to dodge him by changing lanes quickly. A typical day in Florida with the snow birds getting here in full force. So I keep my brakes in the best way I can for the traffic.
  15. I have a 51 Dynaflow and I need help repairing it. Parts for the rear section. Rear bearing retainer, parking lock, spedo gears, universal joint, torque ball & thrust plate. Oldbuickjim@gmail.com