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The library should have a lot on the Dort.  They were pretty common and advertised prolifically.  Perhaps if you were more specific about exactly what kind of info you were looking for it'll narrow things down a bit.  E.g. general history, owners manual, electrical and wiring diagrams, etc.etc.etc.


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Model 9, 1917 Dort chassis. Motor: high speed French-type; designed by M. Etienne Planche; L-head, registering 33 h.p. at 1,900 r.p.m. Unrivalled for snap, flexibility and power. Thermo-siphon cooling; pump and splash lubrication. Connecticut ignition. Westinghouse two-unit electric started with improved Bendix Automatic drive; starter button under left heel. Complete electric lights; electric horn with button on center of steering column. Three-quarter-springs. Deep, wide, roomy seats; high-quality upholstery. Goodyear tires, 30 x 3-1/2; on Sedan, 31 x 4. Complete equipment. 105-inch wheelbase.

Own a Dort. You Will Like It.

Dort Motor Car Co.
Flint, Michigan


By 1917, Dort was offering four models: a closed sedan at $1,065, a convertible sedan at $815, a five-place open tourer at $695, and a Fleur-de-Lys roadster at $695. 

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Dort seems to be one of the nicer "forgotten" cars; Std Cat calls it a "fine little car", m'f'd by J D Dort, fmly business associate and lifetime friend of Billy Durant...per Std Cat he liquidated his company in 1924, sold the factory in 1925 and died that year (wound up the company per poor health??)...

The ad raises an interesting question:

Std Cat says all 4s were Lycoming, and a couple parts catalogs agree...

However, one catalog, a 1924 Houpert piston catalog (25 pgs of 55-70 listings per page) lists a Dort 4cyl, no years listed, 3 inch bore, with a code name that does not appear anywhere else in the vehicle listings, nor does it appear anywhere in the separate Motors listings...rhat catalog lists  other Dort 4s , Lycomings, of 31/4 and 31/2 bores...

Mroz's Ency US Trucks (Dort built 3/4 and 1 Ton Van Deliveries) states "...many of the Dort vehicles were powered by 19.6 HP Lycomings..) (note:  many, not all)...

Std Cat lists the 1915-16 Dorts with a 17 HP, the 1917 with16.9 HP, the 19.6 HP not showing up until1918...

None of which is conclusive, leaving the question: were some of the Dorts powered by an in-hose engine design, lndirectly referenced in the above ad, and possibly built by Lycoming???

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