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1924 engine ID


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I went to look at helping out on some parts for a newer Studebaker and found a 1924 -26?  Chassis and fenders.  The only clues I saw were solid steel disc type wheels, the weird looking head on the engine,   (Aluminum ) a  Wagner starter  and the dash had just one round part with a key switch and 2 levers,  I'm thinking it is a 24   Dictator...  Or it  was 90 years ago I looked all around the engine block for an ID number and saw nothing. My book only goes back to 1929 anyway


ANy info would be  helpful- it is for sale but not much left.  The '41 was not expected so guess who had a great Studebaker day?  

pre war find 24  and 41 studes 002.jpg

pre war find 24  and 41 studes 003.jpg

pre war find 24  and 41 studes 004.jpg

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No Dictators until the 1927 model year so likely a Light Six 1922-24. The Light Six became the Standard Six in Sept 1924 so also possible it's a 25-26 model ER.   Anyone who owns one (and there are quite a few around) could tell you right away. Some images from the 1922 Light 6 owners manual attached.


22 light 6 engine.jpg

22 lt six engine.jpg

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If you find the engine serial number I can estimate the model year.  It is located on a pad just above the starter and will consist of two letters (EJ or EM) and followed by 6 numbers.


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I'll get the number when I go back.  Thanks for that location picture.  I scraped and struggled looking all around the top  edge of the block looking and looking..........


I'd make an offer if someone actually needs it.  I'm too full  until I unload a 53K  and a 63GT I got with 6 Hawks and loads of Studebaker parts this Fall.  

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I finally made a deal on the old chassis.  The engine number says  EJ  70003   .


The engine is complete with trans,  diff, maybe 1 or 2 disc wheels, a few lug nuts,  front floor wood patterns, one side hood  and windshield,  a pair of nice doors...


ANy help to ID the thing would be most excellent.  Thanks.  

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OK  Thank you.  I don't have the books and a search at the SDC engine  serial number site does not list it.   I should probably email them.


I'll make the   EJ  Light 6 parts available soon  if anyone is looking...  Thanks.

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