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  1. I normally go after Studebaker stuff, but sometimes some other parts come with a lot sale. 1939- 40? De soto side hood, NOS, Mercury 1948? trunk handle, solid used. I found some circa 1941 chevy grille bar, side mouldings, Plymouth headlight ring, and Studebaker stuff . Plymouth headlight rim 1941? https://www.ebay.com/itm/303577644673 Chevy grille center bar ? 1941 1942 ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/303576777357 Other non stude stuff coming soon
  2. That bumper ornament is neat. Is that a second stude logo on the crank hole cover? Is that original? Thanks
  3. I have a right side hood panel that I think is Chrysler or Desoto circa 1937- 1940 But there are length differences and the angle at the front makes it hard to pinpoint what year this is. It resembles a 1940 Desoto, but has no holes, and the tip of the front is more rounded. Is it Chrysler? Can anyone pinpoint this? I can get more pics, or close ups ... Grease pencil number on the back reads 947042 , Panel has minor flaws, no sign of bolt marks. $200 OBO
  4. Hi all- Had to edit this- The new panels are for an M5 side hood and one is probably Desoto I still have a horn to figure out. I need the horn, but panels are for sale. Thanks!
  5. Sorry, I was hoping they were the same. Yours is probably not the same. I'm up in Washington..
  6. I have a post somewhere about ID on a 1922 - 1924 I just bought. Look for the post- it has some pictures. It has a complete engine in rough shape. I may be able to go get just the pump off of it. It would be cheap, but need to see if it is any good..
  7. I had zero luck with wood floor patterns, so I just need a bit more info if anyone has some. If you have any patterns, that would be good too. It looks like they were solid boards. Any idea if they were Ash, Oak, ? Aluminum edge guard around pedals? Did it have one? Would linseed oil be the best bet, or some stain? ANy pictures of any part of them would be great. Even if not from a '32. Looking for how they were built. Thanks!!! Also Looking for: Good picture of the dash for switch orientation... Hood strip , pictures, or pattern, broken, would work. Hood strip ends, patterns, pictures Tailight assy, good bad, ugly but nicer would be great. Front or rear bumpers side mount parts , spare wheel Show me your 32 Commander pictures! Thanks!!!
  8. It does resemble one of the plates that goes to the block, maybe for another engine? The engine book does show them.
  9. Painted parts do not go in an engine. Try near the steering column, or transmission/floor area. It sure looks like a shifter hole/ E brake hole cover.
  10. Thanks guys! As to that oil can- We had old dealer stock and never knew some of these were probably Studebaker! I am learning all the time thanks to your knowledge. ( and great pictures ! )
  11. Question- On the Disc wheels, do you just pry the ring off and change the rubber tire, then put the ring back on? That is how I read the ad. Seems easy enough. It must be the later split rings that were dangerous?
  12. Thanks Scott. Would the disc wheels fit up to 1924 ? Or just 1920- 22? Thanks
  13. OK Thank you. I don't have the books and a search at the SDC engine serial number site does not list it. I should probably email them. I'll make the EJ Light 6 parts available soon if anyone is looking... Thanks.
  14. Nice tool kit! Great thread.
  15. I finally made a deal on the old chassis. The engine number says EJ 70003 . The engine is complete with trans, diff, maybe 1 or 2 disc wheels, a few lug nuts, front floor wood patterns, one side hood and windshield, a pair of nice doors... ANy help to ID the thing would be most excellent. Thanks.
  16. I think if you plumb 2 into one, then back to 2 you run into complications, but the hill holder may still work....... Not easy, but that's why they call it custom. Having a hill holder is pretty cool. I would try /do everything possible to retain that feature even if it meant going with a line lock.
  17. Very cool tip Studenut 1915! I'd have to look, John but may have backing plates and hardware from a 63 or 64 up in Ferndale... If not, most 63 & 64's had those brakes& it will help in the search.
  18. Check your basic L x W x H and the bolt pattern before you call. Call Turner and ask. He is helpful and if someone has done it, he will let you know. I would guess it is the same type of install on a Lark or Hawk which I have done. The hardest was a 60 Lark convertible where the M/C hit on the extra metal that only they have. Should not be too hard.
  19. I thought so. Thanks for confirmation. It may be earlier, so when I get the numbers I will know more. Thanks again.
  20. Any pictures would be great! Yard art, old originals, drawings ... Thanks
  21. Studebaker used notoriously soft screws for those. I usually grind the head flat, center punch it and step drill them. The screw and the part is countersunk so you will see the screw head want to break from the shank right before you come close to drilling the part. Check your books - I think by '34 they had a floating nut plate inside the pillar? Just slide it out to repair the plate. , heat and vise grips should take the screw remnants right out of the plate on the bench rather than beating it on the car..
  22. I'm in Washington State, Have not been back to look at condition on the old one. The 41 is a keeper.
  23. I do not have a parts book. Maybe someone knows if it is the same?
  24. Not sure without taking it apart some more. It was clean and fresh, but looks like a pinch bolt was wrong and scored a cylinder wall then it sat. I have seen this on many late Studebaker engines, but not sure if these share that design. I assume they do. I am trying to get it apart without forcing it. It 's head may be good, may have a crank and a few internals . Not sure if it will come apart before Winter. I may have found another one left over from a hot rod project but have no data on it yet. . If you are looking PM me.
  25. I'll get the number when I go back. Thanks for that location picture. I scraped and struggled looking all around the top edge of the block looking and looking.......... I'd make an offer if someone actually needs it. I'm too full until I unload a 53K and a 63GT I got with 6 Hawks and loads of Studebaker parts this Fall.