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  1. I picked up a copy last year. It is very nicely done. They must have printed a LOT of these...
  2. Even without a compression boost the extra octane lets you advance the timing which helps. I am running mine a few degrees ahead of what the book says.
  3. Wow. That last one looks like someone went after it with a backhoe!
  4. I found the John Deere "Corn Head" lube grease in tubes at the local dealer. I keep it in my least-favorite grease gun and just squirt it in. Do the same with the front knuckles of my Jeepster. I think they were around $4 each.
  5. My 41 calls for hypoid lube. I am not sure when Stude started using Dana axles though. I use standard 80/90 gear lube and it seems happy. OK, I should have read the post more carefully Sorry...
  6. I am impressed you are doing it with the engine in the car!
  7. You might get lucky. On my car if the dipstick rotated to a certain angle it will hit a crank counterweight when the engine is hot. Sounds just like a rod knock. I about had a heart attack! Now there is a line painted on the dipstick to keep that from happening...
  8. I am so glad nobody was hurt. It seems to me worse cars are pulled out of barns and fields and restored all the time. I am surprised your insurance is not for an "agreed upon value". If that were the case they would just write you a check and walk away. They still might be willing to do that... Nathan
  9. You will need a parts book (both chassis and body). A lot of what you need is available but some will be hard to find. I think I have a horn stashed and maybe some of the other parts. The plastic parts like the shifter handle used to be reproduced by Shrock Brothers but they have closed up shop. I think someone has the inventory and molds, check on the SDC boards. The SDC site also has links to a bunch of vendors. Not sure why your wiring is disposable, but wiring harnesses are reproduced too. Just bought one for mine.
  10. Gary, I had not seen that closeup of the carbs. The throttle linkage is a work of art! I also like the low-tech choke cable solution. Nathan
  11. If all else fails Apple Hydraulics will rebuild them for $275 a pop. https://www.applehydraulicsonline.com/collections/studebaker-lever-shocks.
  12. If it were me I would get it running and not change a thing. Except taking off those turn signals on the fenders. And maybe the windshield... Great find!
  13. Two quarts seems like a lot. Can you feel it if you stick your finger in there? If it were running out past the axle seals you would have seen it by now.
  14. Sorry, my car is a 41. But the wheel mounting is the same!
  15. I went back through my notes and could not find the ohm range. I sure wish I had measured that! I am pretty sure the gauge is just measuring the resistance between the two terminals. The gauge has two terminals marked 1 and 2 and those are connected directly to terminal 1 and 2 on the sender. In the factory harness the 1 wire was black/red and the 2 wire was black. Both were 16ga wires. The base plate should be grounded as well. At the factory they just assumed it would ground though the fuel tank but if you are painting everything you should run a separate ground wire to one of the bolts holding the sender in.
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