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  1. Photos, serial number, body number? Photos below show a cabriolet (top) and a roadster (bottom).
  2. 1925-26 Special Six model EQ.
  3. If it is a 1930 it is a model 53 and it did NOT use a Continental engine. It used a Studebaker Six. The engine number is stamped on the side of the block above the water manifold.
  4. That would indicate a Dictator model GE 4-door sedan but no way to divine whether 1st, 2nd or 3rd design without the serial number. Of course a photo would also tell me. See attachment for 3rd design features. Note specifically the radiator shell and visor as compared to the one I posted originally (2nd design). Of course the wire wheels and side mounts were both extra cost options available on either series.
  5. The Studebaker National Museum would likely have the blueprint.
  6. From original 8 X 10 Factory photo.
  7. Assuming you are referring to the part shown? If so all 1932-33 Studebaker models used the same lock.
  8. Sounds like the condenser. Has happened to me. Give that a try first, cheaper and easier. Then move on the coil if that doesn't cure it.
  9. Well it was standard with the Speedster model. They were a deluxe version of the Big Six model EK. The salient feature of this model was the side mount spare tires, trunk and rub rails at the rear of the body as shown in the images below. There are a fair number of survivors of this model as they were offered in the 1922-23-24 model years. The 1923-24 models are distinguishable by their nickeled radiator shells. The '22's were painted.
  10. Do you have all the misc trim incl grilles, fender lights, misc. ornaments and stainless, hub caps, trim rings etc. How about clock, radio and all instruments, if so good NOS or ? I assume overdrive? Have you had the engine running? How about brakes?
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