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  1. That jack and handle would be correct for the 1927-28 Commanders models EW-GB-GH, also the ES Big Six and the FA and FB President Eights. Part number 115554 (incl. handle), original price $5.50.
  2. Tops were different throughout the 1960-64 period. May be wrong but I believe 1960-61 were the same and 1962-63. You would really need to know what year it will fit to find a buyer.
  3. Good idea to take several good photos and post here.
  4. What is a Chevron? Are you referring to the cloisonné badge in the radiator shell?
  5. 1927-28 Commander chassis parts book models EW, GB, GH available also EP, EQ, ES. I recently received an order for a Chassis Parts book for the 1927 EW Commander. While I had the original book taken apart for copying I made two additional copies. They are approx. 208 pages and profusely illustrated as noted in the images. Please note the book covers the 1928 Commander models GB and the GH as well. If you are interested the price is $54 which includes the postage. Contact me at if you need further information. I can also supply the chassis book for the 1925-26 Big and Special Sixes, models EP and EQ respectively, as well as the ES Big Six President for the same price. This book also has 200+ pages.
  6. Hinge mirror part number AC-78 $4.00 as shown. Available at your local Rockne dealer.
  7. Studebaker dealer accessory catalogs Studebaker began actively marketing accessories in 1930 (1931 model year). Beside the owner accessory catalog that came with each new car there was also a publication sent to dealers for salesman use. These included photos of all accessories for the current model year (plus some previous) and the dealer price and AC part numbers. These were not circulated to the general public. All were in a 8 ½ X 11” format and ranged in page count from 12 to 28 pages. My collection is complete for the years 1931 thru 1946. Anyone seeking copies can contact me at for prices.
  8. I have no working knowledge of the '14 clutch but do have a copy of the 64+ page owners manual. Could reprint for them or scan the appropriate pages if that would help.
  9. Always a good idea to state the model, i.e. President, Commander, Dictator or Six?
  10. Great! 50 more, well maybe 10or so would be more realistic. Anyway quality is better than quantity.
  11. Yes, believe a couple of guys have reproduced those over the years. Try Nyal Weaver, he posts on here occasionally. Or send a pm and I will supply his contact info.
  12. Well, I admire your ambition!! That shell is obviously not a '15. May be a 16 series 16, 16 series 17 or 17 series 18. I do not have any cars of that vintage to check. You might have some luck with Andy Ott down in Virginia who has lots of "hands on" experience with cars of this vintage. He could likely help you. Send me a pm and I will provide his contact info. 16 series 16 below.
  13. Making an inventory of Rockne literature and memorabilia and came across this forgotten binder. It is for a '33 model 10 (nearly the same as '32 "65"). It has 94 pages with six tabbed sections, measures 4 X 6 5/8”. Sections include: Introduction, General Sales Information, Mechanical Specifications, Body Specifications, Rockne Competition and Selling Rockne. Also Delivered Prices, Accessories and Accessory Groups and Finance plans. Curious as to whether anyone has ever seen a similar book for the '32 models?
  14. See images, both 1915. I do not believe the hoods are interchangeable for the years 1916 and '17. Note the ridges in the hood. These are not on the later cars. Also be certain your car is a '15 model year. Confusion exists re this due to overlapping production schedule. If your car has the cloisonne badge in the radiator shell it would be a '16.