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  1. Glad to be of assistance. I know of only one other intact letter opener besides the one I have, which incidentally I use most every day! Maybe this will start the grandson on the road to becoming a proud Studebaker owner some day!
  2. That is a handle to a letter opener c1908-1911 when the company was marketing the Garford cars.
  3. My friend Nyal Weaver also had these reproduced. Send me a pm and I will give you his email address.
  4. If you ever need any authenticity information this one is in the Studebaker National Museum. All original with 3,120 miles on the odometer.
  5. That is indeed a rare one. Not even advertised in the U.S. so built for overseas. Looks to be a Standard Six (later Dictator) model EU.
  6. Actually hydraulic assist to the solid brake rods and levers. Came with the convex disc wheels only. Discontinued after 1927. The first year for the traditional hydraulics with four wheel internal expanding brakes was 1935 (speaking of Studebakers of course).
  7. If anyone has a need for this 12 page booklet I have it reprinted. $13.50 includes postage in the U.S. It is dated September 15, 1924. Feel free to email me direct at rtq11 at aol dot com
  8. Checked that part number (32706) in the 1923 price book (covers 1913-23) and it is listed as a "crank" price $1.00 That number then may be the van sicklen number. Check your van sickling catalog!
  9. I'm not certain but I do believe they did compression testing back then (1920). Probably the reason you cannot find the specs. My guess 60lb or so. What have you got?
  10. My friend the late Jerry Daniels did a well documented exterior restoration of a very low mileage '37 Dictator 4-door. He photographed everything in detail to assist others. The interior is all original. Here is the web site. You will find good color images of interior detail. His wife Nancy has maintained the web site for the past several years since Jerry's passing. Please confirm receipt. I do have b-w factory photos.
  11. Do you know what the seats are supposed to look like? Have photos of those also.
  12. I have a little left, if needed I can send out. Just return the can when finished.
  13. Here is the door panel on the 37 Dictator sedan. Coupes used an identical design.
  14. Another photo. The Model EH Special Six was introduced in Oct. 1919 and remained in production through Oct. 1921. The serial range of the Series 20 and 21 was 504,501 to 535876. The engine numbers BG 49243 to 85644. During the two years of production 63,612 units were assembled. All were built in Detroit and Walkerville, none in South Bend.