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  1. studeq

    Richard Quinn

    Thanks for the interesting and humorous episode C. I do know from experience (sad) that the circumstance you mention is not by chance. When I need to work in the garage and have to get a Studebaker out I park it out in front of the house so the oil pan is over the villages blacktop and not my concrete drive (yes it leaks). This is directly below a power line. Birds will fly in and park directly over the car. No other birds on that line as far as the eye can see jut the one directly over my car. I do have actual pictures of this somewhere on my computer. Will post if I find.
  2. studeq

    Richard Quinn

    Really appreciate all of the comments and "best wishes" I was released from incarceration yesterday (Jan 09) at 9:00 a.m. Arrived home to find that my keys would NOT unlock the door! Twenty degrees and locked out. 45 minutes trying various solutions (including kicking in the door!) finally lead to an unlocked bedroom window. I pulled one of my cars up to the window climbed onto the bumper then hood, stood up and was able to get a leg in the window and eventually to get the rest of my body in. This trick was witnessed by my friend Bob Schmidt who had brought me home. Bottom line is I am feeling well and have had no significant pain from beginning to end. All doctors and support staff (an international group) performed well. Have great respect for them and the new medical technologies that makes all this happen. As one more interesting note prior to surgery my left knee had been very, very sore making walking difficult. Since the surgery the pain has almost completely gone! I'm not a doctor but guessing something to do with circulation. Best wishes to all.
  3. studeq

    Old Studebaker wagon?

    There were hundreds of wagon manufacturers at the time. This may help.
  4. studeq

    Studebaker Dealer Watertown

    Pretty sure not Studebakers. if you were to scan them alone at higher resolution and post could probably say for certain.
  5. Definitely not a President. 1926 Big or Special Six.
  6. studeq

    '32 Dictator factory photo

    The scene is at Pacific Palisades (Santa Monica) along the coast Hwy (see reverse angle below). Characters shown are actors from Hal Roach's Rascals, no, not the "Little Rascals" but a short lived spin off featuring teens/twenties actors. Car could be a Dictator Eight as you suggest or a Studebaker Six model 55 since the two cars were indistinguishable from the outside. I have that photo plus others taken at the same "shoot" with other Studebaker cars (including a coupe). Studebaker shot a lot of photos in southern Calif (Hollywood area) during that time period using cars from the Paul G. Hoffman dealerships. Have dozens in my collection with various actors and actresses of the era.
  7. Owners manual page. Have all Studebaker owners manuals from Electrics thru 1966.
  8. studeq

    1941 Studebaker Clock

    $559 with 5 days to go! Thinking I may part out my '41 Champion starting with that clock.
  9. studeq

    1937 Dictator hub caps

    Hub caps for the '37 Dictator were of two types, those for the standard steel wheel and the steel artillery. There was a difference in the i.d. as shown on the attachment Best that you state which of these two you are looking for.
  10. studeq

    1932 bearings wanted

    Rick has a '32 Dictator with the 221 c.i. Eight. The bearings would be the same as on the 1932 and '33 Commander Eight and 1934 Commander and President.
  11. studeq

    Want to buy

    See image. You might also like an article I did for Collectible Automobile (December 2011) on the 1936-37 Studebakers. Approx. 12 pages, 4000 words with 30 photos. Usually available on ebay or from the publisher.