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  1. Here are a few more 1915 items. Have lots more.
  2. The quickest and easiest way to distinguish a ’14 model year car is the gas filler is on the cowl, See image #1 below. It is the only year it was located there. In ’15 it was moved inside. Since your car does not have the filer it is a ’15. The 1915 model year started production in July 1914 and continued thru June 1915. Cars were assembled in both Detroit and Walkerville, Ont. The serial # range for South Bend built cars was 500001 to 504483. I have lots of literature on the ’15. I am attaching just a few of the items I have below.
  3. I have one I would sell. $36,000. Has been driven 20,000 miles since restoration. Driver quality with 12v electrical system and electric fuel pump the only deviation from original.
  4. I don't think there was a lock originally in the driver's side door. Studebaker put the lock on the passengers side.
  5. Big Four was not purchased during Studebaker's car building days that ended in March 1966. The Division was purchased in August 1966 and sold in 1969. They produced tire changing equipment, hydraulic jacks and other automotive repair items. I believe they even made some battery chargers. Many tire changers have survived. For a short time this division also made tungsten carbide tire studs when merged with another division called StudeGrip. Therefore your test tank would date from the 1966-69 period.
  6. Yes there was but it was not as extensive as the 7 pages I am including here. You are welcome.
  7. Thanks for posting the photos and additional information. There are not many '34 Presidents out there but it seems that if that car had survived to that time period it would still be around today. I will check my records/sources. I have hundreds of pages of material on the '34s if you have a specific need. Also wrote a 5000 word article (with 30 or so photos) on the 1934-35 Studebaker line that appeared in the Oct. 2013 issue of Collectible Automobile. Copies generally available on ebay or from the publisher.
  8. That is the engine number. Some states (California) used them for registration purposes. It confirms that the car is a Dictator Six. As to whether is a 5A or 6A simply look at the front suspension. If it has the straight (beam) axle it is a 5A. If not it is a 6A.
  9. The parts you are seeking would be the same on either the Dictator Six or President Eight however I would suggest that you state which of the two models it is that you have. As a further note there was a Dictator model 5A with the straight axle and a model 6A with planar suspension. It may help you down the road to be more specific regarding the specific model.
  10. The President Victoria windshield frame is the same as the other Commander and President (models 70-80-90) closed cars so as I mentioned in a previous post it should be the same as your model 70. Part number 251158P (this is for the frame and glass). If you wish to pursue the blue print contact the Studebaker National Museum . If calling ask for Andy Beckman.
  11. The Commander 70 was not offered in an open car in the '31 model year.
  12. Attaching the last two pages of the article on the '31 Commander I did for the September/October 2001 issue of The Antique Studebaker Review. It shows the many different pieces of literature Studebaker offered for this model. It includes parts book, service bulletins, sales literature, owner's manual and various promotional literature etc. I have similar literature for all years and models.