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  1. Yes, the car is a Commander. Have just about every piece of literature Studebaker ever issued on it including the prestige color catalog attached, service information, factory publicity photos, tune up data and more. Attaching a photo of an identical car belonging to Paul Wichterman in Pennsylvania along with other pertinent data. Incidentally the tail light on the car is not correct, it should be oval. Also the rear bumper should be full width, those bumperettes are for a rear mounted spare car.
  2. The serial number is correct for a 1936 President Eight. Just sold one in November.
  3. They all had two windshield wipers and motors. Complete specifications in this 16 page prestige color showroom catalog. If interested $50 plus postage.
  4. See attachment. Is this it? If so I do have one. Send me a pm if interested.
  5. I have the tail lights. You did not state right or left, they are different. As for the moulding below the door are you referring to the rocker panel ribbed stainless moulding or the door sill plates. If the former the length is the same for all three body styles.
  6. I might add that there is a larger bird specially made by Don Summers as a reproduction in recent times but this larger version was never offered by Studebaker.
  7. The birds are all identical just the caps are different, 1931-33 are 5", 34's are smaller.
  8. Thanks for posting. Had to run and check my display case, thought it was one of mine! A minor but significant point: It is a radiator cap and mascot. Not a hood ornament since it does not fit on the hood.
  9. My last roster from 20 years ago showed 13. I am guessing however that most of those cars have gone to new owners.
  10. Incidentally the casting number E-12-9 would indicate your car's engine ENGINE block was cast on December 9, 1925. So your car was probably assembled within 30 days after that. Serial number range was 2060001 to 2102300; engine number range EP-1 TO EP-48050.
  11. Have lots of data on the EP roadsters. Owned one for many years. Have no parts but just about every piece of literature ever issued. Let me know what you need.
  12. One satisfied customer? Rick Peterson editor of the Antique Studebaker Review! Thanks Rick.
  13. Just finished reprinting a 1922 Big and Special Six 64 page owner’s manual for a new owner in California. I noted in the pouch in the back cover with the oiling chart was this 4-page folder on the Stromberg LS-2 carburetor so decided to reprint a copy of it as well. I believe this carb was used on all the 1921-26 Special Sixes. Occurred to me that there may be someone out there that would like a copy. The reprint is a nice clean copy on four 8.5 X 11” pages, very comprehensive. Price for hard copy snail mailed $10.00 postpaid or emailed for $6.00. Email me direct at rtq11@aol.com. Incidentally I routinely copy owner’s manuals and copies for all years and models back to the Garford and Electrics. Even have one for horse drawn!
  14. Glad to assist. I have many Studebaker FOBs. All original.
  15. Here is an original for purposes of comparison. The initials on the reverse side personalize it. Have no idea re original ownership. I have numerous FOB's from this era.
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