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  1. I already e-mailed Jay Astheimer. It seems he does not have a matching head. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am looking for a good, non-cracked G70 cylinder head for a 1926 Chrysler. From a previous post in the forum I learned it should be part # 53948 being the standard one or a # 75616 being a red head. Any tips, hints and offers higly welcome. Thanks! Attached are pictures of the head I repaired on the car. However, I would prefer to buy a non-cracked head in addition. Thank you for your support, Otto
  3. Hello again to the Early Chrysler Community, for all of you interested in: I repairded the cracked head. I had the crack laser welded, installed a "bandage" with heat resistent and flexible sealing and hat the head surface grinded. I installed the head yesterday and had the engine running for 30 minutes. Everything fine. No leaking, no overheating. Attached is a picture of the repaired head. However, I would still be interested in purchasing a correct, non-cracked cylinder head. I learned from you, I need a a G70 cylinder head, # 53948 being the
  4. Hello again, late Christmas Wishes from Austria to the whole community! Take care, stay healthy. I repaired the cracked cylinder head in the meanwhile. Laser welding did not work out perfect as the cast material is very old and porous. Still some minor leaking after laser welding. Therefore I installed an "metal plate cover" in addition. I will bring the head to the engine shop for pressure testing next week again. Hopefully no more leaking. Fingers crossed. I will post some pictures of the repaired cylinder head once the job has been completed successfully.
  5. Hello Viv and Keiser31 & the whole community, thank you very much for the information you provided to me so far! I am trying to find an older picture of the cylinder head, where the casting number is still visible. Not sure, if I will find the numbers on some pics. Is there a chance to find / buy a re-casted, NOS or good used cylinder head? I would be very thankful for any tips and hints! Best regards, Otto
  6. Hi Viv and 28 Chrysler, thank you very much for your quick response and support! I checked for the numbers. Number on the top of the timing chain cover is G146555 Casting number on the cylinder head is 628 Pictures including fedco plate on the dashboard and the complete car attached. Greetings, Otto
  7. Hello from Austria! We received a 1924 Chrysler Roadster with a boattail (which I guess is not original) in my workshop yesterday. The engine has a cracked cylinder head. Our predeccors tried to weld the crack, which did not workout. If we cannot find a replacement cylinder head, we will probably be able to repair the head with an "insert plate". This worked fine on other pre-war L-heads we repairde in the past. My questions: - Can anyone help to decode the engine block cast number to make sure which engine we are dealing with? - Are there any source
  8. Hello All, I recently acquired two 1949 Oldsmobile´s. The cars are on their way to Europe / Austria now, to become part of my private collection of mainly US cars from the 30´s to the 60´s. Both cars are coming with titles showing the engine numbers only. This should not be a problem for registering the cars in Austria. However, I would be happy to get a little bit more of details regarding VIN, numbers matching engines, etc. Could you please re-attach the "49_Olds_Number.jpg". The attachments have been archived or deleted, as the post is from 2008.
  9. Hello everybody and greetings from Austria, I am new to this forum. I picked-up a 3 speed manual transmissions from a friend of mine, who had it left over from his father, who unfortunately passed away last week. I plan to bolt the transmission into one of my vintage cars with adaptions. It might be a Chevrolet / Camaro transmission from the 1970s or early 80s. Could be a "European" version. Not sure if there where different transmissions used for Europe. Numbers on the transmission housing are: GM 40 8925647 I am attaching a couple of photos of the transmission. Could you please help
  10. 65Starfire, thank you for your response and advice. (as I am not an native English speaker my poor translation from German might cause some confusion) I need to check if the cap actuates the horn. However, I will search for a "horn button" in parallel. Greatings to New Orleans (I have been there 10 years ago - great place, "I´ll be back", like Arnold Schwarzenegger would say)
  11. Hello all Lincoln enthusiasts and experts, I bought a 1939 Lincoln model K LeBaron coupe in August this year. The car arrived in Europe/Austria last week. Unfortunately the steering wheel hub cap got lost / has been stolen (?) during shipping. Therefore I am searching for a new (original) hub cap. I am adding a photo of the car before shipping, still having the hub cap in place. Can anybody help me to find a new hub cap ? Thanks, regards & greatings from Austria !
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