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  1. I thought the 24 Light Six used either Wagner or Remy electrical equipment. Did they use the same starter drive?
  2. From a 1953 McQuay-Norris Catalog: 1936 - 1941 President 2C-7C Con-Rod Bearing - 2701 Front Main - 2702 Center Main - 2703 Rear Main - 2704 Intermediate Main - 2705, 2706 Complete Main Bearing Set - MBS-85 2701 - Copper Alloy Bearing available Std., .002, .010, .020 and .060. 2702, 2703, 2704, 2705, 2706 Babbitt Bearings available Std. and .060.
  3. Nice car, but unfortunately postwar Packard sedans are in the doldrums right now, nobody seems to want one. Or as they used to say: "Ask the man who owns one.".
  4. The Erskine logo on the box indicates that these were likely made after the Erskine was introduced for the 1927 model year. By chance is there a part number on the box or a casting number inside the pistons?
  5. Stunning car, beautiful scenery. Still winter here in VT.
  6. From the Studebaker series 19-22 Parts Catalogue: For Series 20 - EG - body style T - 33557 (Rt), 33558 (Lt).
  7. We were there last year (2018) and did both the flea market and the car show. It's a nice setting in the foothills of Vermont and the Waterbury-Stowe area is noted for its craft beers.
  8. 1923-1924 Studebaker Light Six with cast iron head.
  9. I sold a running 23/24 Light Six doodlebug to a club member from NC several years ago. He and his wife came to VT and trailered it home. He has since passed and I don't know what happened to the doodlebug. If you send me a PM I can provide his name and location if you want to pursue it.
  10. Looks like Robert has the link to the switch you are looking for, which is good as I don't have one of those.
  11. Jerry, While Robert is looking, attached are some photos of the switches I found. The one on the far left is tagged as a 1940 Commander/President headlight switch and is included for reference. The next switch over is quite similar but has only three connections on the back, marked "Bat", "A" and "F" (see close up photo). The others I think may also be wiper switches from other years/models that might work. Dan
  12. Jerry, Do you have a photo of the wiper switch you are looking for. I have several unidentified NOS switches from about that vintage. Dan
  13. Thank you KURTRUK very helpful (I recognize your name from the SDC Forum).