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  1. The NADA Price Guide shows High Retail for a 1937 President sedan around $12,500. Which seems a bit low, but as has been observed, the market for cars from the 20's, 30's and 40's, especially sedans has fallen on hard times recently.
  2. Early Wagner Model K-40 6 cylinder distributor, turns freely, the advance/retard plate moves well, has cap, points and condenser (operating condition unknown). Not sure what it fits, thought it might be Studebaker but it doesn't appear to match Studebaker back to 1916. If you know what this fits please let me know. Price is $125 plus shipping.
  3. Here are photos and additional information for the Wagner ignition parts: Distributor Cap - Appears NOS (the center electrode and spring are included, but not installed in cap)- $75 Point set - NORS - Filko brand - $ 15 Rotors - Two rotors: very slight wear marks on right one but electrode surface is like new, other may be aftermarket, clean. - $35/pair Condensers - Two: one appears used and has surface rust, other is clean but may be used, operational condition unknown. - $35/pair Package deal for everything - $125 (plus shipping). Parts are sold , Thank You!
  4. Early Wagner K-40 6 cylinder distributor, turns freely, the advance/retard plate moves well, has cap, points and condenser (operating condition unknown). Not sure what it fits, my Studebaker parts books only go back to 1920 and it doesn't appear to match anything after that so I assume it's earlier. Price is $125 plus shipping. PM me with any questions. Have other Wagner ignition parts (points, condensers and cap (one only) ).
  5. The engine is from a 1921 to mid-production 1923 Light Six, they switched to a cast iron head and made other changes to the Light Six in 1923.
  6. I think I still have one of the 180997 tie-rod with ends and the unidentified drag link. Let me check and get back to you with a PM.
  7. Not mine. Seems like a decent car for the money. Listed in Queensbury, NY
  8. This is not mine, but I did look at it. It is rough, but appears mostly complete, needing full restoration. He was asking around $20,000. Contact Henry 518-567-8097 in Hudson, NY.
  9. For sale 3 NOS Mopar lower control arm kits. Two of the kits are part number 1064687 on the box and one of these has part number 939761 on the end flap. The other kit is part number 939757, this has a different pin than the other two kits. The metal parts are new and unused with some light surface rust and shop wear, the rubber parts seem a bit "stiff" and should be checked before using. A quick check of Mopar vendor sites shows these as fitting various 1939 - 1954 Plymouth, Dodge, Desoto and Chrysler vehicles based on factory substituted part numbers, but be sure to check your particular application(s). Price is $120 for all three kits, plus $25 shipping in the continental US. Send a PM or email at if interested.
  10. I just corrected the email address in the original post, sorry for any confusion.
  11. On the Elgin, there are two small holes in the back of the case, however I suspect they are used for a tool to remove the back cover. Other then that no holes or studs. The front bezel (with the glass) is threaded to the body and that may be how it was mounted thru the dash.
  12. Two stem-wind car clocks for sale. Likely from the 1920's. One is Elgin and is approximately 3 inches in diameter, the other Waltham and is approximately 2-1/2 inches in diameter. Both are currently running, the Waltham was given a shot of WD 40 internally in order to get it started. The Waltham has no glass or front bezel and was probably mounted in an instrument case with a shared glass cover, such as Studebaker used in the mid/late 1920's. Asking $120 for the pair, shipping is $10 within the continental USA. Send a PM or email me: if interested.
  13. Bill Cathcart of CT was well know for his modification of Studebaker flat head six engines, including dual carbs. Sadly Bill passed away last year, but his legacy lives on. Here is a link to an article on him from HMN: