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  1. I’m looking for a side mount spare wheel "carrier lock" pictured below for a 34 Commander. Part number is 257573W and it is 7-1/4” in length. Thanks, John
  2. FYI - there will be a set of 3 NOS gauges for a 36 Dictator at the upcoming ASC meet auction in Mansfield, OH. One each gas, oil and amp gauge. The auction will be a 7:30 pm on Wednesday, September 11th. Anyone reading this please bring something to donate! Thanks, John
  3. Chris your package arrived and they are beautiful. Should create a lot of interest at the auction. Thanks for sending.
  4. Thanks Chris. These will be great for the auction!
  5. For everyone planning to attend the ASC International Meet in Mansfield, OH, remember that the ASC Auction will be on Wed, Sept. 11 at 7:30 pm at the ASC meet hotel. The auction is always a fun time. But there cannot be an auction unless people donate something! Please look around your house, your shop and your garage for something to donate. I agreed to help the meet Chairman “JET” Thompson with the auction so if you have any questions or want to send your donation out early feel free to send me a PM. Thanks, John
  6. I think I will have an extra clamp and wing screw when I'm done with my car. But I'm not ready to part with them yet. It'll be a while yet.
  7. Doug, I know you asked for a passenger side fender, but I have a NOS 1935 Dictator side mount driver side fender part #261060 in case you’re interested. $350. Sorry I can’t help with the other parts. John
  8. One of the tours at the International Meet in Mansfield , OH will go to the Canton Classic Car Museum which has an armored 37 Studebaker President police car. From their web site: You can step right up and admire the bullet-resistant window glass that is over an inch thick. Each window features a Tommy gun porthole.
  9. Robert, sorry to hear of your health problems. I hope you recover quickly. No, the pictures are of other peoples cars. My engine is currently on the test stand. I have seen slightly different oil; filters on other 34 Studebakers so I am using my best guess based on an illustration in the parts manual. I was able to find buy an oil filter recently from another member but I am still in need of the other parts. Please look for them when you are able. I appreciate any help. Thanks, John
  10. rbk, thanks for your response! I think all these parts would also work (or be close enough) from a 1935 Commander or 34/35 President. Here are the part numbers from the manual. -oil filter complete with mounting bracket 168249 Oil Filter* (use AC-995) 173886 Inlet pipe w/nuts (use 1208XA)3/16" O.D. x 10-3/4" 173887 outlet pipe w/nuts (use 542-04) 1/4" O.D. x 10' 112971 Spacer 168691 Elbow, inlet pipe, cyl end 509-03 Nut, flared pipe 3/16" 509-04 Nut, flared pipe 1/4" 504-03 Elbow, inlet pipe, filter end 504-04 Elbow, outlet pipe -automatic choke linkage to the carb 181835 Rod, Choke control before eng. # C-27992 181423 Rod, Choke control after eng. # C-27992 (I will take either although my engine is earlier, but can't say I have the correct carb...) -wiper motors and knobs 259635 Wiper Body, Right 259636 Wiper Body, Left 259693W Knob, wiper control stem 260704 Governor, Wiper Vacuum, right 260705 Governor, Wiper Vacuum, left 259694W Knob, Wiper speed regulator 259091W Arm & Spring, wiper 244474W Clip, wiper arm spring 259889 Rest, wiper blade
  11. I need the following for a 1934 Commander: -oil filter complete with mounting bracket -the automatic choke linkage to the carb -wiper motors and knobs Thanks for looking.