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Buick's Experimental 425


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Found this on the web.

Has anyone else heard of this one ?

Experimental  425 nailhead, fed by 3 carter YH carbs and a single turbo, it made 620 ft/lbs.

Because nothing for driveline could hang with it, the project was sidelined and were left wondering what could have been.

Again quoted from the web so has anyone else heard of this monster ?




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When we toured the V-6 plant in Flint, for the 75th Anniv. of Buick meet in '87, the 401 Turbo engine was on display.  Some of the first, early '62 Wildcat print ads mentioned it as an option, but never to be due to the transmission isuues Roberta mentioned.  One 2bbl Rochester was feeding it.  LOTS of torque. 


Remember, this was in the pre-THM400 days, too. 4-speed HydroMatics were the only possibility, BUT probably would not fit the trans tunnel dimensions of the '62 Buicks.  Plus, the issue that it wasn't a Buick transmission.



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