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Question regarding mounting a windshield on a Kissel Gold Bug.  Is there a rubber gasket or some other material (caulk?) between the bottom of the metal windshield frame and the metal of the cowl?  The attached photo seems to show a black rubber molded gasket, but I can not be totally sure.  If that is a gasket, it is a unique shape and probably no longer available from NOS barnfind Kissel components.  What is the story on that important element?

23 Kissel Ron Hausman 03.jpg

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LCK81403 - I have two Kissel Gold bugs, 1923, with such windshields. one was purchased already restored, one an unrestored mess. Both have a rubber bead or welting like your picture, which could be my car. I've taken the windshield off and that welting is merely a bulb-ended thin rubber strip that follows the contour of the windshield casting along both sides. its not one piece but stuck under, like you would sandwich welting between a body when you are attaching a fender to an old car. My 1921 Kissel Tourster, which is original, has this same application too. Toursters were sister to Gold Bugs.

Ron Hausmann P.E.





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