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  1. hmmmm, get out and get under. That is a fun tune for sure. Al
  2. Hello Tim, I ask about spare parts as I am trying to complete a set of jugs for a 48 Locomobile and still to locate one good/repairable jug for that project. What ignition system does your Locomobile run with? I will watch for your additional pictures along with many others who check out this Locomobile forum! Do you know of other owners who would post a picture of their 38-48 in either restored or unrestored condition? Thanks for posting! Al
  3. Hello Ron, I wish I had 1/2 the information and experience that you have and I would be reasonably well learned on steam engineering. Al
  4. Nice car Tim! Did you receive any spare parts with the purchase? When was the restoration completed? Is it a good behaving road car? Could you post a few additional pictures that show the dash and engine compartment? Al
  5. Here is another steam question that relates to the Mason "C" steam engine. What would be the proper sized boiler to work with the "C" engine? This question is suggesting that the engine will be in a typical era light runabout or surrey. Al
  6. Hello Ron or any other steam smart soul, What is the best and most suitable sized boiler to work with a Model "C" Mason engine. I suppose that the Mason "C" has been used as a replacement for the original Locomobile steam engine. Al
  7. Good Morning Ron, I hope you have a good time at the show. Post a picture or two of your Locomobile and back drop of the car show. It will be nice to see what is going on in your neck of the woods. Do you plumb your fuel system with 1/4" copper? Al
  8. I bet more that a probably scared the internals out of the driver! Old news is rather interesting. You never know what you find. Our area is very rural with the county seat being 40 miles away. Our area had rail service but the county seat did not. Consequently, a business minded fellow created a "Bus" service to run people from the rail station (in my area) the 40 miles to the County seat. This was like 1909-1915. One of his fleet was a Thomas Flyer. Our local News Paper archive tells a story of one of the trips with dignitaries, down the complete dirt roads in the back seat of the Thomas Flyer. You can imagine what that trip would have been like in the heat of a summer day. I would sure like to find the bones of that particular car!
  9. Nice pictures Mike. Looking things over, that you have posted, I am thinking that you may want to go with a solid good grade and snug fit rivet as has been mentioned before. Put the squeeze to it cold so it firmly fits/expands into the ID of the the hole and will not shrink after cooling as the potential is with a hot rivet. I am concerned that using a bolt will not stop the potential movement unless you do a press fit bolt. Maybe lightly apply heat to exp[and the holes and freeze your chosen bolts so you would end up with a very tight, shrink fit to lock the flywheel in place. Here we go again....just my 2 cents.... Al
  10. More information, Refer to EBAY item number 172963064030 for one of these glass inline fuel filters. This one has hose barbs on each end but these fittings could be changed out that would allow a different fitting type to minimize any potential for leaking after install. For a little over 7 dollars, this piece is affordable. Al
  11. The above little in-lime fuel filter is a novel and decent way to block any hot things migrating towards the fuel tank for this application. Does anyone else have additional thoughts of ideas about an exhaust pressurized fuel system that will push fuel up to the carburetor? Al
  12. Hello Ron, According to your sketch of the fuel delivery systems, what is the optimum diameter for the Pilot tank and for the main fuel tank? To stand up to the pressures that you suggest, I am guessing that you must use some form of air receiver tank for each? Also, does modern unleaded gasoline work in the pilot system? I use unleadeed gas in my Coleman camp stove with no bad side effects. Al
  13. I had not been through a Dykes of 1930. That looks like some sound professional instruction. I also noticed on the American-LaFrance speedster shown by genebe above, he must have tried a couple of different gearing shanges as the drive sprockets are different sized in each picture. If genebe checks here, how about a comment about eh drive sprockets? Al
  14. Hello Mike, Kevin has a nice car. Have you considered have a pair of new rods build? Al
  15. Is anyone currently under way on a restoration of a Sear or Holsman? If so please drop me a PM as I am in need of a few related parts. Maybe you can help a project out. Al
  16. That is a bunch of steel to haul but it is an opportunity...... Al
  17. Is anyone currently restoring a Sear or Holsman? Al
  18. Hello Jerry, That is one nice Locomobile! I have a pair of the same type headlamps that need a car to put them on. Do you have any mechanical pieces under the bench? Oh yes, though this is a Locomobile forum, your red Auburn is a very pretty and sporty car! The Auburn was a fine addition to the Idaho Glidden tour.
  19. Joe, Another good aspect of your Mitchell done or mostly! Your great grand dad sure had a creative side to him! Al
  20. Mike , The hood is turning out nice. I can see the "HEAT" on you to get the mechanics done so you can run and enjoy this prize! Al
  21. Thanks for posting the picture. That is a nice looking car. I am not real familiar with Lozier or Chandler, but I can see some kinship between the cars with the shape of the radiator. How similar is the engine between the two automobiles? Al
  22. That is a nice sketch. I may be missing something, why does the pilot look to run on White gas or Coleman fuel, kerosene and the burner appears to run on gasoline? Al