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  1. 1922 French Rolland-Pilain racer; 122 cu. in. engine, aluminum block with steel cylinder liners, magnesium pistons. Eight cylinders, 2.32 X 3.54 inch.
  2. The body of the mystery car looks like the body of a 1914 Locomobile.
  3. I don't know, guys. I'll vote for a LaSalle. The radiator shroud, the round badge on a headlight support bar in front of the radiator, plus the bumper looks like a 1930 LaSalle Model 340.
  4. Different posts on this thread have provided a B&W and a colorized photo of actor Gary Cooper with a Duesenberg car. The shade of blue on the Duesenberg is possibly called “Robin’s Egg Blue”. Not sure. I remember reading an old report many years ago, a police investigation of a crime in the 1920s, in which it mentioned a "Robin’s egg blue" car. So that color did exist as a color choice in those days, at least for that particular automobile in the crime report. The make of the car is not definitely remembered at this late date. However, regarding colorization of this Duesenberg, is th
  5. OK, thank you. I feel a little better about it all. Years ago I had a nice 1950 Plymouth 4-door. It was in great shape, wood grain dash, dark navy blue color. I sold it and got a really nice 1955 Dodge 2-door hard top, another beautiful car that was a chick magnet. A couple weeks after I got rid of the Plymouth I saw it parked on the street and I stopped to take a last look at it. OMG -- the new owner had children and they had virtually destroyed the upholstery in the back seat. It was tough to see my old "baby" like that. Later, before I entered the Army I sold the '55 Dodge. While i
  6. Ah, beautiful. A Daniels D-19 Submarine Speedster. Looks like about a 1921 model.
  7. Wow, after reading all of these sad stories you all have me spooked out. I have been seriously considering buying a Buick that is located in Califunny and having it shipped to Colorado. Now I am totally gun shy about it. I simply can not trust a truck driver to know or care about a valuable and possibly delicate old car. Unnamed truck driver has no bona fides with me. How does one locate and choose a reputable and reliable shipper? From readying about the misfortunes on this site, it seems that Hagerty needs to "take control", be the best ever shipper/mover, thereby establishing be best
  8. John, the Cunningham photo that you posted shows a slightly V-shaped windshield. Do you know what year this car is? In Clymer's Scrapbook Number 5, page 186 a similar Cunningham is shown that supposedly is a 1931 model with a flat windshield. The Clymer Cunningham also has drum headlights that appears to have painted bodies with chrome or nickel rings around the the bodies. What is a driver to do on a rainy day, as in the photo? Was there a retractable roof for the front compartment? I think Packard had such a retractable roof. ?
  9. Edinmass, back on what is now page 2 of this compressed thread, you posted a photo without comment, without identification. Several type identifications have been associated with the vehicle. One is Mercedes-Benz W31 G34, a second designation a 1939 Mercedes-Benz G34. Is there a more definite identification or vehicle designation for this historical vehicle?
  10. The Kuempel Model 55 speedster body - a great value at any price. Especially 4 bucks.
  11. What is this vehicle? Cold weather, the man is wearing spats and a great looking Homburg hat, but there is no top for the car, the windshield is down and there is a vertical "air brake" deployed behind the seats. This does not look like a pleasurable cold weather motoring experience in the offing.
  12. oldcarfudd natiled it. It's an air-cooled Holmes. Circa '21 or '23. It has a unique body mold that runs straight from the simulated radiator to the rear of the car body. Walt, I really like the Willy-Knight wood framing. It is nice to see what is underneath the skin. It is amazing that wood skeleton bodies were turned out so quickly. The curved wood looks like it probably was steam bent which is costly of energy resources and time consuming to complete.
  13. Returning to some old business, as far as I know, the "hulk" is still lurking in the unidentified category on this forum thread. The "hulk" is apparently a commercial vehicle that carries a large tank over the rear wheels that probably would contain a liquid. The manufacturer of the vehicle appears to be Jeffery. The image from the forum was magnified on my computer and it held together enough to allow the name Jeffery to be read. In my photo files are several photos of Jeffery automobiles that have the same Jeffery logo on their radiators. The rear wheels on the Jeffery are re
  14. Rusty Vega? The car question show on radio said that Vega's were made of "compressed rust". So it probably isn't a salt air thing after all.
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