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20" split rim wheels with 5 lugs on 8"


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I have a '46 Dodge WF31 that I need new wheels for.  It has a 5 x8" bolt pattern, and are budd wheels.  The current tires on the wheels are 7.5-20.  Anyone know where to get replacements or who to talk to?  I cant seem to find much info out there. 

I bought 6, 19.5" tubeless rims and although, they fit on the front drums, they are too small for the rear drums. 

Looking for advise.  I'm new to the forum, so sorry if I'm in the wrong place.

Thanks    email:  weldmonster@hotmail.com


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Where are you and what are you trying to accomplish? Are you missing the wheels completely or are you trying to get away from the 20 inch tires?


I have one 5x8" pattern wheel (with a bad 8.25-20 tire on it) that you can have for free if you come and pick it up in 98801 (USA). It is a "locking ring" style split rim. This is the type of "split rim" that is still used (not the "widowmaker"), but it does need to be inflated chained up or inside a cage.

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