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Carter AFBs - Numbers for 65 Riviera Gran Sport

Craig Balzer

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I recently purchased a 1965 Riviera Gran Sport (yup, has a BS tag on the tranny) and am still learning the details of the car, engine and such. The car came with a 401 CID (I know -- not correct) but with 2x 4-bbl Carters mounted on it. The original engine is long gone but the purchase came with a 425 short block (yes -- LX).


So the carbs on the 401 have the following numbers stamped into the lower left front corner of the carb body:  FRONT CARB is 3645 SB and REAR CARB is 3925 SA.

Are these correct?




PS - My long term plan is to transplant the 425 and put the 401 on the engine stand



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Hi Craig, 


Congratulations! It appears you have all the correct pieces even though the LX block won’t be numbers-matching. The carbs, too, are the correct ones but they also have 3-digit date codes just below the numbers. If you’re really picky you will prefer the last digit to be a 4 or 5 depending on your vehicle build date.

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Thanks all for the warm welcome and quick replies.


Another question: I am considering picking up some spares. They include a pair of carbs: one is 3646s ak3 and the other s is 3645s aj3. As I understand the numbers, these are both for a 1963. Despite the 2 year disparity, would these carbs work on a 65 Riviera Gran Sport? (I know they would be "wrong"). As stated previously, the long term plan is install my LX in my car with my carbs, then sell 401. I figure it'd be easier to sell with more bits and parts attached.


PS -- I just20190901_165933.thumb.jpg.6a11f6407dbb05a7cd9423be3522e83f.jpg learned I have a relatively early 65 -- small emblems


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