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  1. Because the first "owner" was an upper level manager using it as a fleet vehicle. Second was the original "public" purchaser who owned it for 19 years. Third "owner" is the seller, who is a "flipper".
  2. According to the ad, it is. Are you on Facebook?
  3. From Facebook Marketplace: $400 Offenhauser intake is in great shape. Holley carbs need to be rebuilt from sitting. Fits any big block Buick. 400,430 or 455.
  4. From facebook market place: PROJECT CAR. TOW AWAY SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY I live in Tampa near the Fairgrounds
  5. From facebook marketplace:
  6. Excellent. Any other fitment issues? How much did they cost? Sanderson, right?
  7. I don't see what the big deal is, both the Regal and Cascada are buillt by Opel. The former in Germany, the latter in Poland. None were designed by GM nor built in the USA.
  8. This just popped up on facebook marketplace:
  9. Well, unless they can find a title, that is a parts car. Too much of a pain in the ass to get a title. A shame tho, as that car looks like it would clean up nicely.
  10. I believe, Tom Telesco does small cap electronic ignition conversions. I don't know if they are the same HEI version that Dave does.
  11. I believe this vehicle to be a poser. This is a restoration that was made to look like a Gran Sport. The fender badges are incorrect. They list it as a 401 Dual Quad. There is no such thing. The rear axle carrier does not have the circle with x, indicating a posi. The carrier assy looks to have a plug on the right hand side. It has the accessory switch which indicates rear defog, but the rear deck cover has no rear defog duct. Of course it has the optional horn bar steering wheel with no horn bars! The exhaust is all wrong. Finally, it is grossly overpriced.
  12. I berlieve the low compression engnies were also referred to as "export."