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  1. Found on Facebook in New Jersey:
  2. The vehicle is located near Mandeville La. Bernie, it will be some time before the Rivi is finished. There is just so much to do.
  3. I'm looking for an inespection company to look at a 1958 Ford Ranchero. Does anyone know of a reputable company, preferably one you've done business with, that you would recommend?
  4. Rivi 63 on BAT:
  5. Nice 1970 Riviera on BAT:
  6. Just in case anyone is interested, this 1964 Riviera on BAT has 6.5hrs left.
  7. Ok, so he has no actual GM informatiion, so he could look up my vin and build a window sticker with that. That is what I wanted to know. Thanks.
  8. Is the Window Sticker based on information you gave him, or is he able to obtain applicable information based on VIN?
  9. I had the same issue on my glove box. I really had to press on it. I mean a lot of pressure. I also moved the door a little. Out of the blue, it popped open.
  10. Ed, if you compare the listing on, the shocks he purchased are OESpectrum. These are the same as the Monroe shocks on Identical part number.
  11. What is the model number of the correct 65 rivieral chrome wheel? Also, where is it located on the wheel? Thanks.
  12. Anyone interested in a 1966 Riviera? From Facebook Marketplace:
  13. 1964 Riviera in CT. From Facebook Marketplace:
  14. Does your Rivi have 2 speeds? Do you have a control switch with a washer button on it?