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  1. Are there any owners of 65 Riviera's, who have replaced the rear under seat floor pan out there? If so, did you have a shop do it and how much did it cost? If you did it yourself, where did you get the sheetmetal from, and how much did it cost. I'm trying to decide which route to go.
  3. Do you know exactly where this stamping is located on the frame?
  4. Received an email from his daughter. Paul passed away a couple of days ago.
  5. Hi everyone: Just wanted to let everyone know that Pau Duran aka Carbuff2, passed away a couple of days ago. I had been trying to get ahold of him since his last post on April 30th. Well, I finally got his email and discovered he had passed. So RIP Carbuff2
  6. Ed, your bracket looks just like mine. Definately different than the one he has.
  7. Here is a pic of the one off of my car. It was on a 64 manifold. It worked perfectly with my 66 4180s carter carb. Definately has more of an up angle than yours does.
  8. So, does anyone know Paul? Or, can get ahold of him?
  9. Does anyone here know Paul, aka Carbuff2? He answered my pay it forward ad for the Gran Sport plate on April 30th. Unfortunately he hasn't been on since. I replied to the thread and sent him a PM, but he hasn't read it yet? Is anyone able to get in touch with him, to make sure he's ok? Especially with this virus situation.
  10. Bringing this back from the dead! 👻 Still looking for a pair of front seat belts for a 1965 Buick Riviera.
  11. Paul: Please pm me your address, and I'll get it out ASAP.
  12. Or, you can contact Ed, "Rivnut" here on the forums. He has one a pigtail.
  13. And, had absolutely nothing to do with the GS option package!