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  1. psychostang

    Oh no, body rot!! :(

    No problem there guys!. I have my breathing apparatus at the ready.
  2. psychostang

    Steering column, 65 Riv

    Tom-T: I already purchased one of your boxes, remember! I haven't installed it yet, as I am working on upgrading the brake system. Having it out, gives me more room to access the brake line junction. Tom-M: Why would the tilts not have the bearing. I saw a picture in my chassis manual showing the bearing. I think this car sat in the dirt/sand for many years. The original box was leaking for a long time. Of course I will be replacing the coupler.
  3. psychostang

    Oh no, body rot!! :(

    Now, I need a seat frame, as the original is so rusted, it is disintegrating!
  4. So, my car has lots of undercoating on the rear of the vehicle. Yesterday I was airing the right rear tire, and I noticed a split in the coating. So, I pulled it down and this is what I found. I know the vehicle was damaged by a hail storm, but the seller never mentioned that the back glass was damaged. I didn't find this out until after the vehicle arrived. No I believe the back of the cabin was drenched.
  5. Ok, so I removed the steering box to clean the frame and I see my steering shaft hanging down. Is it supposed to do this, or am I missing something?
  6. psychostang

    Seatbelts for 1965 Riviera, (Saddle)

  7. Hi, I'm looking to purchase a set of retracting front seat seatbelts, for my 1965 Buick Riviera. In saddle. I need belts, retractors and attaching hardware Please pm me if you have a set, with condition and price. TIA,
  8. I actually emailed the seller. He stated that the engine wasn't original, but the rest of the drivetrain was. He said he has other pictures and paperwork from the previous owner stating that it was a GS. It was also for sale for $12000 or so.
  9. According to my 1965 Owners manual, it should be a #1893 bulb.
  10. Courtesy lights are located on either side of the center console and above the glove box. They turn on when either door is opened, or by using the LIGHT switch under the dash pad, center of the instrument panel.
  11. psychostang

    Buick Centurian

    My bad, I put it in the wrong forum. I reported my post, so hopefully it will be moved shortly. Sorry.
  12. psychostang

    Buick Centurian

    Found this Centurian at a local cruise in last night.
  13. False craigslist ad: Look out!
  14. As far as the first car is concerned, I would look at the back bumper mount brackets and frame. The left side is high, and the right side is low.
  15. psychostang

    1964 Trans Downshift switch.

    Paying it forward to KongaMan!