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  1. Ok, here is another picture with the pulley fully secured with 4 nuts and lock washers. You can plainly see the gap. What am I missing?
  2. Don't know why I never noticed this before. Do you think the water pump pulley is too far out, or is the crank pulley too far in?
  3. I have an antenna from my 65 , where the motor works but the mast doesn't move. Also the upper section of the mast is broken. I wonder if he can replace the mast?
  4. They are not saving a Riviera, there was nothing wrong with this one. This is simply what the owner wanted to do. They are chopping it 1.5" and shortening it. Also, they are building a replacement frame and cutting out the floors so they can move the frame up into the body.
  5. Non A/C equipped vehicles came with an 18" four blade fan. A/C equipped vehicle came with a 20" five blade fan and standard duty clutch.
  6. I apologize, I must of read it too fast. I thought he was converting to dual channel, with front disk. Yes, my MC will not work.
  7. Hi Pete! Do you still have this cable? If so, do you know what the gauge is and how long it is? Thanks.
  8. Well, he did post 7 years ago on Jan. 23, 2012, looking for a centerlink!
  9. Damn, I remember that Craigslist ad!! I'm so glad you got the car back. Good luck with completing the build!
  10. So, I have to at least replace the rear under seat floor pans. Has anyone made this repair, and where did you purchase your sheet metal? Was the quality and fit good? Thanks.
  11. 51.25 and I'm working on a 1965 Riviera. I've had it since June of 2017, and I' haven't even driven it yet! It needed a lot of work that it wasn't supposed to need and then I found the rear floors rotted out.