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  1. I spoke to him a long time ago. He can't do anything if you have a broken mast.
  2. Well it works on my 64 intake which is on my 63 block in my 65...:D Besides Ed, he only needs the top.
  3. If you want, I have a 66 model Carter 4180s for $50 plus shipping. Would that work for you?
  4. The first picture is of the vacuum diaphram and blower motor resistor assembly as attached to the outside air door and case assembly. The second picture is of the three vacuum hoses for the heater system. Vacuum canistor/heater valve/outside air door diaphram. Hope this helps.
  5. There is someone on this forum who has been looking for the 3.36 ratio for a very long time.
  6. Loren. Thanks for the infor for Bob. You would think that with over 34k Rivieras made for 1965, that there would be a decent amount of complete seatbelt assemblies around. It is that extra bracket and cover, that makes it difficult to find a complete set.
  7. 28.3"s tall. 225/75/15. The car is only going to be used for cruising to shows and cruise in's. I won't be trailering anything. Plus, Florida is mostly flat!
  8. Thanks Bulldog. According to that calculator, at 70mph with a 3.23 gear, I'll be at 1800 rpm. At 65, I'll be at 1670. The low end torque of the Wildcat engine should handle that quite nicely.
  9. What do your calculations forsee with a 3.23 gear?
  10. 2004R. Picked it up from Gene Teston, owner of Garage One products.
  11. I just wanted to give a little bit of any update on this project. I purchased a built trans from a local person. I have been waiting for months for Russ of Centerville Auto to get me the adapter plate that is requried. I already have the total cure package from Bowler Performance transmissions. This takes care of th shifting and torque converter lockup control. I will give updates and pictures, as the swap progresses.
  12. I don't need the brackets anymore, but if someone needs a 1964 trans kickdown bracket I'll sell mine for $10 plus shipping.
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