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its not that iam FAT, but i do have a serious question

iam in the process of buying a 1931 Chrysler Roadster

it seems the steering wheel is really close to the front seat as far as getting in and out.

the seat is not adjustable.

was there ever an option to replace the stock steering wheel, ( which is huge ) with a tilt fat mans wheel

there is a lever on the wheel that controls the lights, iam told.

i suppose even the thought of shortening that column would really mess up the original aspect of the car



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On my '31 CG the front seat is adjustable with a winged knob in the center down at the bottom.

Turns a threaded rod to haul the whole seat up and back.

Check underneath and see if the rod is there.

You might just be missing the knob.


I moved mine back all the way, and use a pad to lean against so I can get my big feet out the door.


Mike in Colorado


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The Chrysler (guessing you are looking at a CM6) roadsters do have a little less room than the closed cars. Yes, the lights are controlled by a lever on the steering wheel button. Shortening the column would be doable and maybe not even noticed if done correctly.

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hmmm....I am restoring a '31 Chrysler CD8 Roadster (8 cyl car), and while I don't know just how much of the specs are the same here goes. (1)The CD8 had adjustable steering 80 years before it became common on modern cars! It has a 3 position adjustment bracket for steering column, hidden up behind the dash as shown in photo allowing height/angle to be changed as desired. On the CD8's, the steering box (shown) is not bolted directly to the frame but rather fits into a clamp style bracket (photo showing red rag in hole) that allows steering column to be easily moved up and down, thereby allowing clearance between steering wheel and seat to accomodate "fat" people!! LOL. Actually it is not fat people so much as long legged people who typically have their knees hitting the steering wheel. (2) If your car does not have these features, and like the CD8 the bench seat is not adjustable, moving the wheel forward (shortening the column) will make things worse as it will put the wheel even closer to the seat. (3). What I have seen others do in mild "hot-rodding" is change the angle of the steering column (usually they want to make it lower). This can be done by modifying the dash column bracket to raise steering wheel to desired location, and "oblonging' the bolt holes for the steering box to allow it to rotate upwards 5 degrees or so. Not an easy fix, but......


So there are some options, if your car is not fitted with the adjustment common to mine. 




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I have a 32 PA Plymouth  it is a deluxe     which means it has cowl lights and chrome head lights    also side mounts and a trunk rack in back     my seat is adjustable     winged knob under the middle of seat       I was told they made pricded  models  with out adjustment         you could adjust by changing the position of seat by taking out screws that hold to floor and  move back to screws in other holes

PA Plymouth.jpg


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Gunsmoke, you are right.

He took all the answers listed above and ran.

Kind of like a dangling participle.

I hate that when it happens...............

No closure.

Maybe we should start a "forum manners thread" in the General section.

You're up.


Mike in Colorado 

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I too have no idea what happened to the original poster.  Maybe he did not proceed with his purchase ?

Difficult to proceed if you can't easily get in, out, or drive the car. (God forbid death or illness.)


I appreciated his post however, and have a like issue.


I have a 36 Dodge convertible, and a 36 Plymouth convertible.

I find both are 'tight' to get into - and 'tight' while driving.


The Dodge seat has an adjusting lever, the Plymouth seat does not (not sure its an original seat, but it appears so).

Neither seat goes back as far as I'd like.


I was impressed with former answers, including Gunsmoke's response with the pictured bracket.  Had no idea that

type of bracket was available so long ago.  However,  I don't seem to have the same/similar bracket in my cars.


The pics provided by 8E45E of the Studebaker wheel etc.  were also surprising and of interest.  Not sure how the

adjusted Studebaker wheel does not hit the driver when the car is turned - but I am sure that I have no such s-wheel.

I've no idea what was available for Dodge along this line . Was one ever made ?  Is one now available ?


My only solution is to move the entire seat back, drilling new floor holes further from the dash. 


However, there is a sheet metal piece behind the front seat, which I'm reluctant to alter - preventing the seat going back

as far as I'd like.  Ok, its just sheet-metal  but is there a 'slick' solution short of altering that piece and re-drilling the floor ?


Yep, OK, I could stand to lose a few lbs.  I meant a different solution...



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I am supposing that at our age, we could all stand to lose a few pounds..

In my '31 CG Imperial there is a die cast winged handle in the center of the seat that is connected to a threaded rod, that moves the seat front to back.

I have mine all the way back, so I can get my big feet out the door, and I use a 5" thick seat pad as a back support, so I can reach the starter pedal.

Worst of both worlds, but it works, even for long drives.


Mike in Colorado


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Dear Mike,    (Don't know exactly what I hit to send out my last message while still typing ?)


Thank You for your reply !  Yep, my Dodge has such a handle (middle of seat) - and its as far back as possible.


My Plymouth has no such handle, which made me wonder if it was an original seat ?  Not many cars up here

in Canada to compare it to - that could answer the question one way or the other.

(Thank you as well for not passing editorial comment on my 'twinkie food group choices' !)


I noticed you list a 31 Chrysler CG convertible.  That's not part of this thread (I guess) - and I've never seen one of

those cars in person;  but I've admired that car for years.  Wow ! You are lucky ! Good for you !! Its a work of art !!

(Online pics allow us to see such things.  Really, its rolling sculpture...)


Yep, subject to further comments and ideas, I may have to change the sheet metal behind the seat a bit, to move

the seat back an inch and a half perhaps - something  I'm rather reluctant to do...



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Sorry about the confusion on the 31 CG convert.

It should read conn -   vert,  not be taken as convertible.

I came over to the dark side from the Buick club, when I bought the '31 Chrysler Imperial CG.

Or so the Buick guys said.

Now I guess I have "dual allegiances" to GM and Chrysler

But, since every other car (daily drivers) I own is a Chrysler product, maybe I just came to see the light.

Who knows...............


Mike in Colorado

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No problem whatever.  We are all 'old car guys' really aren't we ?  I always very much enjoy seeing different cars.

Imagine if they were all 57 Chevs.  That would:  'get stale fast'.   (And I like 57 Chevs - though I'm still a 30's guy...)

Each manufacturer made great things; beautiful things; and mistakes.  Not sure I should post that - but really....


I am a Mopar guy largely because my granddad worked at Chrysler's in Windsor (Canada) in the 1920's - through to the fifties

when he died.  He bought only two cars in his lifetime - ones he himself had worked on at the factory.

So no "conscious choice" on my part - only family history.  Two decades later, my Grandmother insisted on giving me my

Grandad's car before she died - though I had no car, no money, no driveway to put it in - and presto - I'm a Mopar guy.  (??

Guess that was it.)    I still have HIS car 44 years later, a Plodge.  (Plymouth labeled as a Dodge.  They did that in Canada.)


But I love 30's cars - though I was not born then, and saw almost none of them growing up.   Inexplicable ?


Years ago I recall saying to the wife:

"I like a Buick; I like a Cadillac - but I always buy the Dodge !  I may as well give up and join the Dodge club."

She put her head down so I could not see her laughing at me.  I didn't care - I deserve to be 'laughed at'.  Many reasons...


Anyway, please do not apologize at all.  There is absolutely no need.  I now get what you were saying.  My mistake.

I just looked up that car you had listed thinking:  "Yep, I'll bet that's one of those I've never seen in person and will never have.

Lets have a look (online)" !!   Sure enough !! 


I'm not good with CG, CD, any of those designations. Not sure all what the differences are.  I should look it up.


BUT, 31 Chrysler  Imperial !!  - 31 Chrysler CG !?!  Good ones !  Good for you !

(Growing up, I always thought a 39 Buick was an especially gorgeous looking car. True confessions...)



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