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  1. is there a list of past AACA winners i just bought a 31 Chrysler CM6 roadster convertible. 1979 AACA Senior Winner car has been in storage for the past 50 years or so. would like to find out its history .....
  2. dumb question , i know do a lot of rare cars get towed to a car show or driven?
  3. if you have a shop manual, anything on a 1931 Chrysler Roadster CM6
  4. anyone know where i can get a detailed drawing of the steering column of a 1931 Chrysler roadster, CM6 ? especially, the adjustment area at the end of the column if that makes any sense ..... thanks
  5. its not that iam FAT, but i do have a serious question iam in the process of buying a 1931 Chrysler Roadster it seems the steering wheel is really close to the front seat as far as getting in and out. the seat is not adjustable. was there ever an option to replace the stock steering wheel, ( which is huge ) with a tilt fat mans wheel there is a lever on the wheel that controls the lights, iam told. i suppose even the thought of shortening that column would really mess up the original aspect of the car thanks
  6. project truck. needs interior back inside and paint, etc. swapped a 2.2 Caroll Shelby turbo into her a manual 4 speed no rust , no holes, dents and dingers ...... has the Shelby interior parts, bucket seats, etc..... bed is excellent. $ 3000.00 your e-mail gets the pics
  7. 2 front fenders 2 rear fenders 2 aprons 2 running boards complete hood no rust holes at all just surface rust no dents and no dings at all $1000.00 for it all .......... i live near Philadelphia, Pa. pick up only ........
  8. can you or someone tell me how to post a pic on this site?
  9. factory supplied, yes i was figuring on asking about $ 500.00 e-bay has a few, but in bad shape for around 2-3.00 thanks
  10. can anyone advise me on the value of a pair of Plymouth fender skirts, for a 33 ..... Plymouth in NOS shape, no rust, perfect condition. all chrome in excellent shape thanks
  11. i have a pair of fender skirts for a 33 ...... Plymouth skirts are in excellent condition, no rust, just needs the rubber gasket which meets the body want pics?, send me your e-mail thanks Rick
  12. FENDER SKIRTS from a 1936 Dodge excellent condition needs the rubber gasket though send e-mail and Iwill send you photos. Rick
  13. pair of very nice 1928 model A front fenders ............ $500.00 1928 original hood ............................................$300.00 plus shipping