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  1. I need all body mounts for a four door 1951 Plymouth. I'm in Canada, so the car is badged as a Dodge - but it IS actually a 51 American Plymouth. It was my grandad's car. He worked at Chrysler in Windsor in the late 20's until the 1950's when he died. He bought this car new in 1951 at Ambassador Motors, Windsor. I give this bit of history because I want to save the car, and as I age, my only hope is to give it to one of my nephews. As it needs all body mounts, they will not be able to certify it up here, so my fear is that my nephews will then scrap it. If any one has ideas, how I can
  2. Keiser is, as usual, always helpful and seems always accurate. (And very much quicker than I. Saw your post only today.) I need a couple of these parts myself - and really wonder if I'll ever get them. There are on a 37 Desoto conv - and the windshield bracket appears the exact same (?) as your bracket. Peter Peter
  3. Thank You Bruce !! The pics you provided are more helpful than you know, in a number of ways... Thank You again ! I never had the correct seat for my car. Plus a 1940 Dodge seat, convertible or otherwise seems 'not to be found' here in Canada. I wanted any front split seat, 1940 Dodge or Plymouth, and the closest I could find after years of looking was a 39 Plymouth split seat from a 2 door sedan. (I found it in upper state NY.) It does not have tracks like yours. Its a seat which sits higher than yours. Your pics make that clear. The 39 seat has 'ta
  4. Thank You for your reply Bruce ! Your right. As I was typing my reply, posting a few pics etc. I thought I was being silly, in thinking any of it could help you. However, that was my hope - that you had seen something similar in another 40 Ply - then the only explanation for the similarity is that its either an original interior - or a copy of an original interior. There'd be no other explanation for the similarity. I'd appreciate pics of the seat-feet or 'legs' whenever you can. If you ever see a set of these that can be bought, I'd ap
  5. OK, a few more saved pics. But are they REALLY original ?? (If you hear of 'feet' for the seat -- please let me know Bruce if you don't mind...) Sorry to give you second rate info Bruce, but its all I have. Hope someone else 'weighs into the discussion' soon with great certainty... Peter ***
  6. Thank You for your reply Bruce ! Nice seat !! (And yep, I see those "feet" (or whatever they are called) poking out beneath your nice seat. That's what I need, "feet". Good for you to have such a nice seat. That's the biggest thing in the interior !!) Below is an article on a 40 Dodge convertible. Difficulty is that I don't know if the Plymouth interior is close, the same, or utterly different. Ugh ! Sorry... https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/captivating-convertible-1940-dodge-d-14-luxury-liner-deluxe These are some pics I saved,
  7. Nice car Bruce ! I have exactly the same problem with my 40 Dodge convertible. (So other than being sympathetic, and wishing you complete success, I'm kind of useless to you. Can't send you pics of an original interior...) A couple of years ago a nice man in NY sold me a SPLIT seat from a 39 Ply. I thought, that's as close as I will get to my 40 Dodge split seat and bought it. Difficulty is, I need to buy the "two legs" that adjust the seat 'back and forth' so that the seat frame sits up off the floor ! If someone has two such
  8. Hi Dennis and 'classiccarjack' ! I too need two (2) sets of tail-light stands - 4 total - for a 1935 Plymouth. OK, its one year out and the stands are different, but I still need them ! Peter 705) 835-5350 ***
  9. Thank You very much Keiser31. I would never have otherwise known of this book ! Peter ***
  10. Thank You ! Both helpful and interesting! Perhaps that is the best answer we can even hope for 84 years later. Not a bad answer really. (What book was that excerpted from ?) Not trying to be difficult, but if someone asked me to tell them the difference between the D3 and the D4 - I'd have to say: "I don't have a clue". Thanks to Pete in PA and his Nov. 20 post, I learned that the D3 serial number begins with "93..." and that the D4 serial numbers begins with "94..." - but otherwise I couldn't tell one from the other. The book excerpt tells me
  11. That's helpful as always ! But I realize I don't really know what a D3 is ! OK: D2 is the 'Real Dodge' - the full size Dodge made predominately in the US, with far lesser numbers being made in Canada. D4 is the 'Plodge' - American Plymouth - but - badged as a Dodge in Canada (and only in Canada ? Did Australia do this as well ?) So what is a D3 exactly ? OK, made for export both in the US and Canada I'm told - but what is IT ? Was it ever sold in Canada ? With only 1,318 made in Canada (and only 3,073 made in the US) - no wonder I don't know. N
  12. Thank You for the helpful information. I wondered. It clarifies things particularly when up here (Canada) - where they made both Plymouths and "Plodges" that is: an American Plymouth; 'badged' as a Dodge. I'm told by others more knowledgeable than I - that they also made a few 'Real Dodges' up here in Canada as well. (Go figure.) Presumably, 'Real Dodges' in Canada had longer fenders, as per your post (?) - but both Plymouth and Plodge had shorter fenders (?) That seems to be what I've seen over the years. They must have made very few 'Real Dodges'
  13. "Thank You" for your input !! You have computer skills I will never have ! Peter PS. Why lost Viking ? From the bit I read, they didn't seem to get lost...
  14. I see no response from 'Survivor' - but have my own question for StillOut There - or whoever can reply. Would it be possible to provide a 'close up pic' of how the Luggage Rack connects to the bumper brackets of that beautiful 35 Convertible ? I have a 36 Plymouth and a 36 Plymouth luggage rack that was bent in a collision. Straightening out the rack is possible. But I wondered what original, accurate brackets look like - and what I'll need to do if and when the rack itself is straightened ? I also wondered the name and size of the Trunk itself ?
  15. No problem whatever. We are all 'old car guys' really aren't we ? I always very much enjoy seeing different cars. Imagine if they were all 57 Chevs. That would: 'get stale fast'. (And I like 57 Chevs - though I'm still a 30's guy...) Each manufacturer made great things; beautiful things; and mistakes. Not sure I should post that - but really.... I am a Mopar guy largely because my granddad worked at Chrysler's in Windsor (Canada) in the 1920's - through to the fifties when he died. He bought only two cars in his lifetime - ones he himself had worked on at the
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