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  1. Can't answer your question, but, asking another - is there a problem with the existing pump ?
  2. Checked your valve clearances ?
  3. Yeah the danger with too much advance is getting into the pinging zone.
  4. Yep that'll do it, one more thing to consider when sourcing the drive gear, there were 2 different distributors used here and you've guessed it, they had different size gears
  5. Just keep in mind if you're using the crank pulley timing marks, that the pulley has an inner rubber component (harmonic balancer), which goes soft with age resulting often with displaced timing marks, hence relying on timing marks can be problematic, additionally today's fuels are far removed from 1954, again the timing marks may not be as relevant as they were back then. I much prefer Grimys' method of vacuum timing if you can find a suitable source for vacuum. As Grimy says, start at warm idle and move the distributor until you reach the highest reading (usually 18 - 20 inches
  6. Took me 3 days to shift my 34 Chrysler drums, same puller same advice as everyone else, patience is the key.
  7. Difficult to pick missing under load, could be fuel or ignition. Given that you've been through the fuel system, it might be worthwhile looking at points/condenser/coil/plugs and wires. Pulling the plugs after a run when it's playing up might reveal something, are the plugs sooty? or pale? How about the points, are they black/burnt, correct gap ?
  8. Ok, read the question again and realised the value was for crank over rather than running. I'm assuming we're measuring downstream of the throttle.
  9. Hmmm sounds alright to me, what values are you thinking?
  10. And what about the fuel supply from the tank ?
  11. So what about fuel supply from the tank ? Have you done anything to check for blockage between the tank and pump ? Also I'm curious as to how you're verifying 8lb output and 2lb of vacuum, normally these pumps would only be putting out around 3 - 4psi, 8psi is well beyond the float needle capability.
  12. 1934 Chrysler CB Town Sedan, internal trunk accessed by folding down rear seat cushion.
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