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This has probably been discussed before, but I didn't find one. With spring just around the corner and time to start checking our trucks and trailers for the warm weather towing. I have a 07 Chevy 2500 diesel and a 30' camper. The camper weights in at about 7000 lb with 750 lb tongue weight. I always use the Equilizer weight distribution hitch. I've notice last fall that I'm getting a lot more bounce from the hitch area. The truck is stock. I believe I need to replace the shocks. I would like your opinion on what shocks I should get. Thanks Mike 

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Before having the shocks replaced on your truck I would consider doing the following if you have not already done so.


First, borrow or rent a trailer tongue scale or go to a local CAT Scale and weigh the tongue of your fully loaded trailer. If the tongue weight of your trailer that you posted above is the actual weight that is one thing. Travel trailers sometimes get heavier over time (like some of us people do). Every so often it is a good idea to weigh one's trailer. 


Second, Have you put more cargo (weight) in the bed of your truck when towing in recent years?  Have you added additional batteries or propane bottles on the tongue? That can have an impact how well your WD hitch is working as well.


Third, when was the last time that you reviewed and checked the setup of your WD hitch? 


How to Setup the Equalizer Weight Distributing Hitch


I have found that this can be more than a little work but it may be worth it. Last year I found that the Straight Line Hitch with Dual Cam Sway Control that I use on my car trailer needed  to be adjusted after the Gettysburg Meet. Believe it or not some WD hitches need to be checked and adjusted especially after years of use.


If you go through all this and decide to replace the shock on your truck be sure to check and replace both the Front and Rear shocks if they need it.

Just because you feel bouncing at the hitch that does not mean that the front shocks are okay.


Once you find a solution, please be sure to come back to this thread and post how you solved your problem.



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You're welcome. I hope you get to the bottom of your bouncing issue.  When you arrive at a solution please post your findings here in this thread so the knowledge you learn solving this problem might be shared with and benefit others.



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Your shocks need to be replaced for best ride and handling. This is something most people don't think about. The OEM shocks are only good for 25000 miles or so. They may not be broken or leaking but are no longer at their best, you will definitely notice the difference new shocks make. You might ask on some truck or trailer towing web sites for recommendations as to brand etc.


There are kits to add shock absorbers to your trailer. They are not very expensive. There is also the Mor Ryde rubber suspension mount that can be added, this is something that is found on premium priced trailers like Avion but can be added to any trailer. If you do a lot of towing good shocks and Mor Ryde will smooth out the ride, and reduce wear and tear on the trailer and contents.


Here is a typical trailer shock kit. Note it has a mount that bolts onto the spring plate and another that welds to the frame. There are other brands that bolt on without welding. A double axle trailer will need 2 of these kits.



Moryde web site http://www.morryde.com/

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I have Timbren load assist solid rubber rear spring replacement 

bumpers on my truck - they only are used as the truck suspension 

Is loaded down ( like towing a trailer ).


You can see if they fit your truck here:






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