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Natioonal meet in Colo. host hotel rooms


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due to some medical issues my wife and I will not be able to make this years national meet. We have conf rooms and I will cancel them in the next week or so but if anyone is looking for them let me know and I will call the hotel and have them transferred to you

Give me a call   316-655-1099 please leave a voice message or simply a text and I will get back with you

or email booreatta@cox.

Rooms are at the Denver Marriott South

June 20 thru June 24



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would love to be there , will be in Denver 6-10 but will move on to Eugene Oregon for a wedding there on the 23rd.   On a good note , I will be driving the Reatta from Michigan to Oregon and back. Will get some pics of it along the way.

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Because of a conflict I also will not be able to attend the BCA meet and just one hour ago i also cancelled my reservations at the host hotel so if someone wants rooms, they do have the ones I had reserved available.



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Called the Marriot to grab Jim's reservation. They said in no uncertain terms that once a room is cancelled, it is NOT available for another club member but goes into the general block of rooms, so his $129 a night room is now $359 a night, no accomidation to BCA members. This is the worst hotel chain I have ever dealt with, ever. 

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8 hours ago, MrEarl said:


conference rooms?

Ok sorry I have no need for a conference room I meant to say confirm....sorry for the confusion  if someone is interested in the rooms you will need to call me and please leave a message on my phone and I will call you back asap...The hotel WILL NOT HELP YOU but if I call them and give them your information that you are a stand in for me it most likely work at the BCA rate..   my phone number is 316/655/1099  again you need to leave a message I do not answer this phone

and I usually return calls the next day 

again the dates are Wednesday 6-20-18 thru checkout sunday 6-24-18 I don't have the time to call the hotel for just one date 


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Looks like I will be unable to get to Denver.........first meet I have missed since about 1996.

Wife cannot make the trip and I need someone to stay with her.......daughter is going to a wedding in NC on 6/24 so it looks like

I stay in Texas with the wife and watch the daughter dogs.   Isn't retirement great!

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