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  1. Cargirl

    Hello you sexy thing!

    I really love the select 60's particularly the red/white interior. As some may recall I was searching for a low mile one before I bought my current car. That would be the only other car I would trade mine for, that's him much i like them. Beautiful, stunning!!
  2. Cargirl

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Sometimes you just get lucky and take a photo that really nails it. I took this last night at a local Scottsdale show and shine.
  3. Well, it was 101 at 6 tonight but tomorrow we are having our first day in the low 90's. Summer is over here in Phoenix for now so off comes the car cover. First time I had the top down since June. Oh my it felt good to take the Reatta out tonight.
  4. Cargirl

    Car covers

    Hello everyone. I am thinking about buying an older low mile car to have fun in. Trying to keep the miles on the Reatta to a minimum. I live in Phoenix, 330 days of sun and 365 days of dust. If I parked my new driver outside with a quality car cover would it keep it nice or is it a fool's errand? I would hate to buy a decent car and watch it turn to crap in a few years. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Cargirl

    Gasoline smell when parked

    Are you sure your car is not a jaguar? They always smell like gas, particularly in the trunk area. ?
  6. Cargirl

    Off-road Reatta!?!?!

    I love this ad. Hard to find people with a good sense of humor these days ?
  7. Cargirl

    Service engine soon light but no code stored

    Just to complete this thread, the car needed a new ECM. Make a sense, the code did not get stored because the storage device was fubar.
  8. Cargirl

    Service engine soon light but no code stored

    My SES light does illuminate just for the record.
  9. On my 1991 Cadillac. Has always run great. Hang a for sale sign on it and the engine runs rough, not drivable. The SES light comes on but no relevant current codes are stored. I thought when the service light comes on it stores a code. This happen to anyone else?
  10. Cargirl

    Tonneau Cover

    I love stories with happy endings, so glad you got her back and all better.
  11. I would pull the codes to start out, why guess when the car is capable of telling you what is wrong. If there are no codes then I would start spit balling it. I am also concerned that coon may have put the evil eye on your car. You might want to Google "How to remove a curse."
  12. Cargirl

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Just a few random shots.....
  13. Cargirl


    After market crisis, too funny!
  14. Cargirl

    The Reatta convertible prototype

    That is great news for Reatta enthusiasts!! I will definitely stop by that museum if I ever get the chance. Thank you for the update Barney!