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  1. Wow, a good deal, running but needs tlc. I think the windshield alone is worth the money.
  2. I must restate my position above. BJ may set the standard for vintage muscle cars but not for specialty cars like the Reatta. BJ is a rich mans game for rare vettes, mustangs, etc. Trying to sell anything else at this sort of an event is a fools errand.
  3. Sold for $7150. The Reatta is a specialty car and is not a good candidate for a no reserve auction. Particularly bad is BJ which specializes in Muscle cars and resto-mods. A fool and his money.....Someone got a steal!
  4. I figure the SS 60 had a reserve around 35 grand. Nice car, people will pay good money for great cars .
  5. Wow, I want it!!!! Really looking forward to the sale price.
  6. That is one beautiful car, welcome to the forum!!
  7. Automobile article.
  8. Just because I hope to be without Reatta sometime this year (2020) I am staying on the forum. There is one more Reatta on my bucket list, eventually I just have to experience owning a select 60. The red and white color scheme may be the coolest Reatta if not coolest car ever. You rarely see them unless your at a Reatta meet or a very large car show but the guys that built this car really got it right. For you 60 owners, please post photos on this thread.
  9. My subscription ran out on that magazine a few months ago, it's good to hear the Reatta is getting some well deserved press!
  10. I really appreciate your input Nittany. I have really agonized over this decision. Both cars are just perfect, the Jag only has 30,000 miles on it as well. My garage ceilings are too low for a lift. I have a friend who will store the car but it's 2 and a half hours from Phoenix. He will trailer it up there but long term storage just does not seem right, not to mention issues that arise when storing a car for long periods of time. I even contacted the Penske racing Museum here in Phoenix about displaying my 1974 Pace car for a year. Unfortunately, they want the car but it has to be owned by Rodger Penske to be in the facility. I will keep racking my brain how to keep her and promise I will not give it away. If it's still available in a few years that would be just fine, I don't need the money, just the space. Attached are two photo's of the Jaguar, you see why the decision is so damn hard to make?? LOL
  11. I finally listed my car in Hemmings. Here is a copy of the ad. I am planning on adding a shot of the dash board showing miles and no warning lights. If anyone has any "helpful" suggestions, please chime in!
  12. It's not the only 2 seat Buick ever produced. Either misinformed or a fibber.
  13. It's a pretty straight forward job, just avoid breaking the plastic bezel. My biggest worry.
  14. I guess you do learn something every day. Apparently, the sensor in the Reatta not only recognizes the pressure in the system but also how many pounds of Freon the system actually has. My mechanic knew this thankfully. I am getting the system evacuated Monday and refilled properly. My Autozone AC gauge just was not up for the job. Thanks guys, hopefully someone in the future that has this issue will find this thread
  15. I disconnected the battery for 30 minutes and cleared the codes, again, the system works fine for 1 minute then Service AC light comes on with a 447 code. weird.