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  1. Cargirl


    Yes, you have to pull the computer codes and track down issues from there. Go to Reatta owners journal for help on how to.
  2. Wow, looks like a nice car You did well πŸ˜³πŸ‘
  3. Thanks Buicknutty. I really think if Buick would have built a select 60 in the 1960's it would have looked very similar to this car. I have thought the 1990 select 60 is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen. Oh, this one is a stick, Buick would have probably given it an automatic transmission. πŸ€”
  4. Never heard of it. If the claims are true it would be a car buffs best friend. I always wonder why some of these too good to be true products never make it to retail stores. πŸ€”
  5. I am going to see how it stops as I have not received the car yet. Should arrive next week. It's an easy enough upgrade to go with disk brakes but then your going away from originality. Tough choice. I will probably add side pipes at some point to. There is a company, made in the USA, that makes πŸ’― percent perfect reproduction pipes.
  6. Most people here know I have had a desire to own a 1990 select 60. Well, not exactly a select 60 but check it out, I just purchased this car. For you Corvette fans it's a 1964, 327/300 HP #s matching car with a Muncie 4 speed transmission, AM/FM radio, both hard top and soft top in white, trim tag 936/491DE identifies it as correct white car with two tone white/red interior and knock off wheels. The word of the day is thrilled!!πŸ₯‚πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜Ž
  7. Lol, a teenager would never understand this cartoon. Unfortunately, I do πŸ€”
  8. Living in Arizona you see lots of what you would consider collectable cars still in daily use as drivers. The guy at our Auto parts store drives a 1970 Mustang in original condition. If he were to try to sell it he would get peanuts for it. However, if it were a 20,000 mile pristine survivor or had a restoration done, it would get good money. Same with the Reatta.
  9. They really got it right in 1991. It's too bad they did not complete the year production schedule. There would be a lot more convertibles on the road today.
  10. So good to see you out there enjoying your Reatta with other owners. Very nice photos. My first Reatta was burgundy coupe, that color looks fantastic with the tan top.
  11. Facebook just reminded me of this post from five years ago today. My former 1991 convertible with very special white wheels. The gentleman that bought it from me still owns the car and loves it as I did. Aren't Reatta Automobiles sexy?
  12. I did say the car went to a guy as a toy. Isn't that true for 95 percent of classic cars sold? Very few in the grand scheme of car sales are truly collectors, buy and hold 20 years. Most people buy em, drive em, show em then sell em. From seeing Mecum, Barrett guys collecting toys to show thier friends. High mile rough drivers like old Camaros, mustangs go pretty cheap here in Arizona. With our weather and no snow, you still see old drivers out here that don't fetch much money.
  13. Had another buyer contact me from my Hemmings ad tonight before I remove it. Just very good news for our beloved Reatta by Buick!! Happy new owner!!