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Locomobile Straight Eight


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Here are photos of a 1927 Locomobile 8-80 sedan that was offered on eBay a few years ago.  Once Locomobile came under his control as Billy Durant's luxury car, it was inevitable there would be less expensive series added to broaden the appeal beyond the grand Model 48.  As was his wont to do with the Durant, Star and Flint, the 8-80 would source a proprietary engine, in this case, a Lycoming 298.6 ci L-Head straight eight to power its 130 inch wheelbase chassis.  In its three model years as 8-80 and 8-88, pricing ranged from $2,650 to $5,250, though most models were in the $3,000-$3,500 bracket.    According to The Standard Catalog by Kimes and Clark et al, annual Locomobile sales were fading as badly as the remainder of this empire: 1926: 2,586; 1927: 2,037; 1928: 1,112 and 1929: 327.   Safe to assume the majority of sales were of the lower-priced Junior 8 and 8-80 lines.  


Of the Lycoming engine, it was popular with other makes in the price ranges: Auburn, Elcar, Gardner and Roamer.   

'27 Locomobile 8-80 sedan a.jpg

'27 Locomobile 8-80 sedan b.jpg

'27 Locomobile 8-80 sedan c.jpg

'27 Locomobile 8-80 sedan d.jpg

'27 Locomobile 8-80 sedan e.jpg

'27 Locomobile 8-80 sedan f.jpg

'27 Locomobile 8-80 sedan g.jpg

'27 Locomobile 8-80 sedan h.jpg

'27 Locomobile 8-80 sedan i.jpg

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On 6/15/2022 at 3:53 PM, Steve_Mack_CT said:

Assume this is the guy who posted here in the general section recently looking for an appraiser.  Nice car, he should do well. 

Yes Steve.


Only one I’ve ever seen, Its pretty cool. I think he’s gonna get it running and keep it… Hopefully.

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Posted (edited)

Well hell, there's this one - a 1926 Junior 8 - that turned up in Quebec 4 years ago. It went from Quebec to California then to New York. The new owner replaced the ersatz "Woody" woodwork with some more appropriate.


1926 Other Makes...20190901_100820 (1).jpg

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