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  1. nice 8-80 standard. 8-80 wb =130 and the 48 wb =142. big difference. Horsepower about the same 8-80 approx 90 and 48 approx 100
  2. If your flint is before 1925 you should have mechanical brakes. Early flints has 2 wheel brakes till 1924. After that e-55 had 4 wheel brakes as a option. 1925 it became standard for 4 wheel brakes. check with Durant motors car club web site under technical section for more details
  3. Also, locomobiles had a Lycoming motors. the model 8-80 had a Lycoming motor that cylinder bore was 3 1/4" and stroke of 4 1/2". it used a schebler model "s" carburetor. 1 1/2" bore. They also used a Stromberg o-3 carburetor on special production models.
  4. McFarlan bodies were for the model 48. Have to look and see If they were the new style model 48 or the old style. The car # would normally prevail in this matter. This was the year locomobiles changed production series.
  5. The "NK" typically is the body builder. I know in march of 1925 McFarlan was contracted to build 1,000 bodies for locomobile in the Connersville plant. In 1922-23 locomobiles primarily used Bridgeport body company headed by lebaron.
  6. Many thanks to the Staten island AACA for inviting us ( Durant motors car club) to your 42nd annual car show. We all had a great time and the old style diner was fabulous. Our national tour ended with a beautiful day on Staten Island with you folks. Thank you all for putting on a great car show :)
  7. from what I seen, the chassis is correct. the cowl forward is correct. body and dash incorrect. the dash console should have a cluster in center with gauges inside and to the right have temp gauge. ignition switch to the left.
  8. This locomobile jr is listed in Hemmings motor news. The car is located in southern California. If anyone car get the vin # and motor # it would be helpful for the locomobile jr archives listings. I tried but no answer.
  9. hupp 8, In 1925 there was approximately 1,000 units produced between the model 48 and locomobile jr. The unit cost was between $1,785 - $2,285. The new line locomobile jr helped William Durant keep the locomobile line going. The lowest locomobile jr car we have listed is #195.
  10. The gentlemen earlier noted the wood in the 1925 jr needed work. Yes it did. see attached picture
  11. The locomobile jr had a ohv assembly and had 66hp. The years of production were 1925-26. In 1927 they changed motor and design and called it a 8-70.
  12. This is the locomobile I tried to buy it 3 years ago in southern California. Yes I have a similar model locomobile. The motor for the locomobile 8-66 is Durants own development. The ohv 66 hp motor was a very solid motor. This model later became a Locomobile 8-70 and the motor was replaced.
  13. Locomobile jr's did not come into production till 1925. The car shown in movie looks like a late teen to early 20's locomobile model 48.
  14. From the i.d tag of this car it is a 1925 locomobile jr. The jr. is much more nimble then the model 48. The car has a 66 hp motor and drive quite nice. It has more get up and go then most of the era. Model 48 are a handful until you get up to speed then, they drive very nice.
  15. Thank you mark for adding your locomobile 1926 locomobile jr8 car #3899 to my list. If any one else has a locomobile jr, 8-70, 8-80, 8-90 or locomobile 48 Sent me a e-mail on Durant motors car club and look up locomobile tech. Thanks
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