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1933 80 Victoria 130" WB

28 Chrysler

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This car is for sale here in Las Vegas. ( not mine )

It is more than 90% complete, last ran in 2002.

Rear bumper, tail lights, manifolds, etc come with the car but are not on.

There are also extra head lights, rear bumper and a few more parts.

The center exhaust manifold section has broken flanges and the water jacket  cover has rust through.

The only rust on the body I fond was on the bead beneath the right door.

All the glass will need to be changed . The sun here has blackened the laminate.

I can send more photos. or answer some questions.

He is open to offers and his E Mail address is PDP1@earthlink.net






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Any questions, let me know?

( 702 ) 388 - 2085


If my supplying this added info is not appropriate for this Thread Category, I will delete and place an Ad in the 'For Sale" section.



Las Vegas

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VERY worthy car and at that price, it should be gone quickly. Note that 1933 Series 80 Buicks are Full Classics with the CCCA and use the same running gear as the bigger Series 90, so this would probably be one heck of a runner when it's done. If I had more time and resources, I'd grab it. You'll probably never see another one.


Great car! Please, someone grab it before I feel obligated to do it myself.

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Crank Hole Cover is present, Silencer 'Can' for the Carburetor is present.

The only things missing I can determine, is one Finger Pull on one Hood Louver....and, the Spare Tire Cover is missing.

Passenger Seat is smaller than the Driver's Seat, and may be out of some other 1932/1933/1934 GM Two Door.

Nothing else missing so far as I can determine.


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Guest outlaw car man

Lot of good parts here, lot of the hard to find ones. Take some effort but not to bad. Any 1933 is rare.



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Guest outlaw car man


Pretty sure it had the foot rest in 33, the series 60 did also, probably the same for the 50 series and for sure with the 90 series-

Do agree, not a good place for a coupe or two door. Does fold up but still not very practical.

The rear tire cover will be fun to find complete. Wire wheels a plus, exhaust manifold will be fun too. Then the Marvel etc.

10 years ago I'd probably take a stab at this car.



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Carburetor is fine, about like new inside...ran fine, I would not expect any troubles with the Marvel Carb.

The middle Exhaust Manifold section, the two flanges are always broken on these 344 CID Engines, and I suppose by now various methods have been perfected for solving it.


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Guest outlaw car man

I always expect troubles with a 1933 Marvel carb ! Middle sections are usually broken but not always if you're lucky. Normally been welded up at some point in their life. I've seen a new SS made about $3000.00 or so.

Beautiful cars to restore or maintain as original




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