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  1. tigersdad

    1933 Buick Series 90 7 Passenger Sedan

    Good time to buy! J
  2. tigersdad

    1933 Buick Series 90 7 Passenger Sedan

    If anyone is interested in looking at this beautiful car, please contact Karen Jones to make arrangements to see it in person. Karen can be reached at rowleyinteriors@comcast.net Thanks! Jay Kingston El Dorado Hills, CA
  3. What about Max Merritt Packard Parts. I've bought from them before, the last thing was a complete Distributor for the '34.
  4. tigersdad

    32 Buick Coupe

    No comment!
  5. tigersdad

    Owning a Piece of History

    Just bringing this back to the top in case anyone missed the posting in Buy/Sell. Jay Kingston El Dorado Hills, CA
  6. tigersdad

    1933 Pierce-Arrow Model 836 Sport Coupe

    Personally, I think Guy is spot on with his views of the car and his comment....................."A car like this will be easy to buy but hard to sell". The writing would be on the wall for me with this car! Jay El Dorado Hills, CA
  7. tigersdad

    1932 Pierce Arrow V12 sedan, Kokomo IND

    Love it!!!! Jay El Dorado Hills, CA
  8. tigersdad

    1931 buick sport roadster 94 series

    I know of one that is an auto shop (Thorrson's Auto Body Shop) that has been covered and under re-build for the past 5 years or more in Novato, CA. Not a high priority for the shop as the owner/family owes thousands of dollars and are fighting about who actually gets the car. Painted almost a Washington Blue color like the Ford Model A color. Jay El Dorado Hills, CA
  9. tigersdad

    1933 Buick Series 90 7 Passenger Sedan

    OMG! Too funny! That was a good one!!! ? Jay
  10. tigersdad

    Owning a Piece of History

    Don - There were a couple of low-ball estimates and from what I gather, people trying to take advantage. The car is fairly priced, but know it can be had for less. If you know of anyone interested in this beautiful car, please let us know. Thanks! Jay Kingston El Dorado Hills, CA
  11. tigersdad

    1933 Buick Series 90 7 Passenger Sedan

    Don - Make an offer! Can't hurt! Jay
  12. tigersdad

    1933 Buick Series 90 7 Passenger Sedan

    John - The pictures are there. Just click on the links listed below the description. They are all on PDF files and will come right up. Jay
  13. tigersdad

    1933 Buick Series 90 7 Passenger Sedan

    Thanks, John. I am going by what Sandy had told me about the car and rarity. He only knew of a four that existed, I believe. People used to come to him for parts, etc...on their 1933 Buick's. Don't know if Mac Blair has a record or the 33 Buick Registry? Jay
  14. Up for sale is Outlaw Car Mans (Sandy Jones) prized 1933 Buick Series 90 4 door 7 passenger sedan. This car, one of a few known to exist, was purchased by E.I. DuPont in New York, New York. The car has been thru just a few hands until Sandy got hold of her and brought the vehicle back to life. Every part on the car is original as it was when new. The upholstery has been kept as much as original as possible. This 138" wheel base car is a straight 8 (16 valve, 2 per cylinder) OHV, 344.8 cu inch engine, with a 3-5/16" x 5" bore and stroke. This 3-speed car is fitted with a Marvel carburetor, mechanical brakes and sits on 17 x 7 tires. The car is in excellent condition and everything works as it should. Sandy spent literally, thousands of hours on this car looking for the correct parts, making sure everything worked, re-building the Marvel, collecting spare parts as the list goes on! Asking price for this beauty is $60,000.00 (negotiable). The car is located in Fort Collin, CO. If interested, please PM myself or send an email to sandy's wife Karen at rowleyinteriors@comcast.net Please see post on the Pre-War Forum under Owning a Piece of History. buick article.pdf buick article1.pdf buick article2.pdf buick article3.pdf buick article4.pdf buick article5.pdf buick history letter.pdf buick pics.pdf buick interiors.pdf buick interiors1.pdf buick pictures.pdf buick pictures1.pdf buick pictures2.pdf Jay Kingston El Dorado Hills, CA