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  1. Nfrutiger7

    1931 roadster 94 series steering gear

    How much gear oil do you suggest to put in may have just over filled it
  2. Nfrutiger7

    1931 roadster 94 series steering gear

    I don't believe the seal is in there at all
  3. Nfrutiger7

    1930 90 Series

    We have a 1931 94 series roadster would be nice to get in touch with the owner
  4. Ok guys need help where can I get a seal for the steering box sector shaft where the pit man arm bolts to the box it is leaking out there
  5. Nfrutiger7

    1931 buick roadster windshield wiper vacuum

    Bill these came off a 1931 la salle's and have been adapted to fit this 1931 buick they fit surprisingly well it is next to impossible to find the correct stanchions believe me I'm still looking but with these one the project can move forward and the day I find an original set we will put them on the car We are looking for pictures or a diagram of how to root the vacuum for the windshield wiper
  6. Have windshield stanchions with channel in them but not sure where to put the holes to run the vacuum line through them does any one have pictures or diagram for how these go thanks nathan
  7. Nfrutiger7

    throttle control

    Call Dave at rapp auto he has a lot of these parts still on cars probable gas 15 prewar buicks 570-798-0390 He has helped me with my 31 buick slot this year very knowledgeable
  8. This is called a clumb switch got this off a 31 column today for my car only need to fashion a linkage dose any one know what the length is thanks nathan
  9. Nfrutiger7

    Light switch assembly

    I have an extra 90 series light switch call me at 5856109696
  10. I may have a extra light switch I also need this linkage if someone has better pictures as to how it attaches and overal lengths i could possibly make one thanks
  11. Nfrutiger7

    1931 buick sport roadster 94 series

    According to my book they came in blue and black
  12. Nfrutiger7

    1931 buick sport roadster 94 series

    Yes please
  13. Nfrutiger7

    1931 buick sport roadster 94 series

    Jack Welch The bumper on the back is the original front I have the original back but the rear spring on the bumper was cut
  14. Nfrutiger7

    1931 buick sport roadster 94 series

    NY south of buffalo ny
  15. How many are left know keep reading 5 so mine would make 6 know any help would be appreciated 1931 Buick sport roadster 94 series