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Anzac American


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Hi Folks,

Would appreciate your help with this photo as we have not got anywhere with it. Photo was probably taken in Australia or New Zealand. Looks like an American roadster of 1916/18. The hole in the skirt by the back wheel may help, as may the rearward slanting louvres on the bonnet. Any idea of what it is?

Kind Regards

Vintman (UK)



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It's Stan Laurel in "Towed in a Hole".

Stan has made life miserable for Ollie so, in exasperation, Ollie ties his arms around the barrel and makes him sit there while he tries to get some "woik" done on the boat that they purchased. Later on, we see he has also blackened Stan's eyes, as well.

My grand daughter and I got matching tattoos a while back to commemorate our lifelong love of "The Boys"............and each other


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Here he`s,we call them "helan and halvan"in Sweden,the hole and half. I don`t know who is who?But I Think I have seen most of the "Movies"they have done.

But that will not solve the questin about what car it`s from Vintman I think.

Leif in Sweden


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