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How do you bring back the luster on Bakelite?

old buicks

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For the reason Restorer32 alludes to, I've always been wary of using a conventional buffing wheel to polish a rare Bakelite distributor cap, so I've tried other means. I've had very good results from using hand application of Meguiar's Trim Detailer (also good for the black or gray plastic trim on modern iron), followed by a small buffing wheel on a Dremel when absolutely necessary. It may take two or three applications to achieve satisfactory results. I urge you to take suitable precautions even when polishing by hand: I do so standing over a kitchen table that is padded with a moving pad or several thicknesses of blankets, and with barriers around the work area to keep the workpiece from falling off the surface onto the floor. I also perform the work very close to the padded surface.

When using the Dremel buffer, I try to have a well-trusted friend hold the workpiece.

Take your time!

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Ask an old radio fan. There are collectors of old tube radios with bakelite cases that have this down to a science.

There is a special polish for bakelite but I don't remember the name. There are several BBS for antique radios, they will be able to tell you.


Did a quick Google search and came up with these



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