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whats the name of the color blue on an 89?


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The darker. In 88 and 89, they had a dark blue (Sapphire Blue Firemist). In 90 and 91, they removed SBF from the optional colors, and added Maui Blue (Code 23).

Here are all the exteirior color codes as seen at Reatta.net:


13 = Silver (9021)

23 = Muai Blue (9184) ('90-'91 only colors)

33 = Driftwood (9022) ('90 only color)

40 = White (8554)

41 = Black (8555)

48 = Polo Green ('91 only color)

76 = Claret Red (Burgundy) (8984)

81 = Bright Red (8774)

83 = Saphire Blue (8993) ('88-'89 only colors)

85 = Gunmetal Grey (9235) ('90-'91 only colors)

87 = Pewter Grey (9243) ('88-'89 only colors)

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they list the color but only seem to sell paint for chipped paint.i need to repaint the area under the front bumper and my mismatched sunroof panel.ib realize it won't exactly match my faded paint but it should look better than now.i just intended to repaint the black strip but the front panel practally falls off once the strip is off.

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Take your car to your local parts store that sells paint to the body shops. Look for a sign on their store that advertises DuPont or PPG paint. They are the two biggest names in automotive paint. I like DuPont best myself. They will bring a scanner out to your car and it will read the actual color on your car into their computer. Then they can mix you some paint that is the exact color you need. Don't rely on the color code for an exact match for old paint.

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The '88-'89 Sapphire Blue may be one of the hardest colors to match as it was the only Reatta color that was classified as "firemist". I have heard stories about the availabity of the metallic particles and that some of the older size particles are no longer available.

I do not know if this is just people blowing smoke or if they really know of what they speak.

We do know that some 2010-2011 GM (and maybe other makes) products put a temporary hold on certain colors because of the shortage of metallic particles from Japan caused by the sunami.

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I asked at O'Reillys and the one where I live had an aerosol can mixed for me but not in house. It took about two days and was $23.00. The spray can was larger and will go a long way. If you want an exact match you would have to take your car (or some panel) to a paint house or body shop as Ronnie mentioned so the color read will account for any fading. The O'Reilly paint was Seymour.

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