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  1. Yes on Ebay. I had recently purchased some for both headlights
  2. After removing the display, is the 1990 still drivable? I know the 1989 is drivable while the display is sent off for repairs.
  3. For those who do not receive Marck's (east coast reatta parts) email, I want to share with ya'll this clever and amusing image in the ad for his headlight motor rebuild kit. :>)
  4. I appreciate the nudge. Just donated $25 to ROJ with appreciation.
  5. KDirk- I'm not concerned,only curious, as I drive the 1989 Reatta.....
  6. Have y’all tested, inspected, replaced or otherwise deployed the airbag? Have they exceeded any life expectancy?
  7. Etched on a small brass plate affixed to the center console depicting the Buick-Reatta logo, the word Reatta in the correct script and La Jolla California 7/16/1994. Perhaps a rendezvous?
  8. My error- I used 0000 fine steel wool alone without any additional products. No need to.
  9. I've tried all of the above suggestions with just limited results. A few days ago I stumbled upon a YouTube demonstration of using fine(000) steel wool to remove the very stubborn build up. I spent 10 minutes on the windshield using the fine(000) steel wool and was able to completely remove all traces of build up. On a clear cold and wet morning I drove East into the sun and not a trace of build up hampered my view. Problem solved. The windshield is as smooth to the touch as the day it was installed.
  10. A friend passed this along to me.
  11. I recently spoke with my friend about the replies received on the sighting. He had two comments.... - "That's disappointing. I've go no skin in the game." - "Elvis driving?(chuckling). That is rather discourteous." We have a mutual friend who owned a 1991 Cadillac Allenté. He knows the difference when he sees one.... regards matthewlawe '89 White/Blue
  12. My good friend and I speak a couple of times a month. Over the years he will point out a Reatta that he runs across from time to time as he is aware they are limited and my interest in them. Let me preface his account by saying he was not aware of any discussion regarding the 1991 Green convertible. Nor was I aware of the details as I only took a mild interest in the discussions. Last weekend he was driving home to the Mojava Desert and took the route Southeast from Barstow along Old Woman's Spring Road (SR 247). He noticed what he thought might be a Reatta ahead of him and soon caught up. He said it was in poor shape, top down and was green. Huh? I left it at that as I wanted to refresh my memory of the discussions about this Reatta. I was anxious to find something and left our site with....No sightings of any 1991 Polo Green convertible and only 4 were produced. That was enough information on hand to call him back and I asked him what color it was, 'Green' and was he sure, 'Yes'. I then shared the information with him. The top was down and he did not notice what color the top was. He said he didn't notice the license plate but said it would have caught his attention if it had not been California. I asked him to note the license plate number if he should ever run into them again. 'Okay'. Regards matthewlawe 1989 White/Blue
  13. I purchased a set about 10 years ago. A bit expensive at the time but well worth it. I am completely satisfied. Perfect fit. Regards matthewlawe 89 White/Blue
  14. While removing the dome light, I got a spark. I forgot to remove the #2 fuse. I removed it and completed the removal. Really quite easy. Reinstalled #2 fuse. I've not replaced the dome light bulb as yet. Now my door locks, trunk lock do not function either electronically or manually. While fooling around I found I could lock the doors from the inside but opening them from the outside was not possible. I fiddled with the door lock bolt that snaps over & engages the striker bolt...I don't know why....and now I cannot reposition the door lock bolt open to engage the striker bolt. Door won't close. Darn. FYI. Recently and from time to time when putting the xmission into park it would not engage (open) the door locks and I would need to reengage it. Some connection? So now I have none working door & trunk locks and because of my foolish fiddling now cannot close the driver's side door. I noted while searching some mention of an orange wire under the driver's seat that my have shorted out. FYI. I've had no water in the cabin and up until now have not even moved my seat for a number of months. Thanks to Reattadudes & Ronnie’s website for these instructions.<O:p></O:p>