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  1. waltmail

    Engine Choices

    I don't believe any of the options are worth the cost and effort, but saying that, I will take the vehicle, as is, off your hands for $2000.00. 😜
  2. waltmail

    Intake coolant leak woes

    Hydro lock seemed symptomatic to head gasket leak. As mentioned also coolant in oil and oil in coolant. Intake manifold gasket breakdown leaves a trail of white smoke from exhaust pipe. Just from my perspective and experience.
  3. waltmail

    Drive train hiccup...does AT need work?

    Yup. 50- 55 is one of the inputs for the T C lockup to occur. Large drop in rpm when that happens.
  4. Throttle Position Sensor ????????????
  5. waltmail

    A/C help please

    Do the 90s have the power steering A/C cut out switch?
  6. waltmail

    1988 Reatta SunRoof question

    The carpeted cover just pops off with a bit of force. It is held in place by plastic posts that snap into the metal underside of the roof ass'y. It is common for the cables to rust in the guide slots. Take the motor drive off of the roof ass'y and work the cables with plenty of liquid lube.
  7. Okay. The Parts were claimed. No longer available.
  8. Years ago I purchased from Espo Springs and Things a stabilizer bar bushing kit. I never installed them. Cost me $17.00 in 2004. Send me $5 Paypal for shipping and I will send them to you. Such a deal. Even contains a tube of anti squeek lube. `
  9. waltmail

    How to shine up the bumpers?

    Not an easy job. They are aluminum and anodized. Best way is to power sand the anodization off exposing the base metal. I use 800 grit on an orbital sander. The next step is to polish the exposed metal. Technique is important. Do not use random swirl pattern when sanding. Power buffer with rouge doing small concentrated areas will bring out the lustre. I clear coat the finished product.
  10. waltmail

    A/C question

    This. Not sure that indicates compressor is bad, but those are out of range readings. I would evacuate system and start over with recharge.
  11. waltmail

    Transmission linkage came loose

    Very common occurrence. Occasionally they just pop off at the under hood connection. Pop it back on and if it happens again use DAVES89 suggestion. I get the feeling some mechanics is making a killing charging huge $$$$ for what is probably a 10 cent fix.
  12. waltmail

    This may be a tuff one , Moonroof seal

    The drain tubes run down the pillar and exit on the left and right side frame rails behind the front wheels.
  13. waltmail

    Headlight wiring upgrade.

    Who are you asking?
  14. waltmail

    Headlight wiring upgrade.

    Up until a few years ago, while my main hobby was restoring 60's muscle cars, I designed and mfd. ( on a small scale ) a retrofit wiring system for headlights, etc. My experiment started when I measured the delivered voltage to the headlights. Some were in the 9 volt range. Performance was like night and day ( pun ). I hung onto a few of these just in case. Powered them right off the alternator . Used the stock switch to kick the relays. No load to speak of on the switch. The actual wiring harnesses to each lamp was upgraded by me using marine quality wire and terminals. Never considered doing it to the Reatta, but see no reason to believe this would not be an easy upgrade.
  15. waltmail

    My Reatta will not be in the record books

    Relating a story I heard a while back. U S 27 West of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Nightly high speed runs. One dude on a Suzuki Hayabusa was so excited when he cracked 200 mph on his speedo ( these clowns actually have a radar gun to check) he sat up straight in the seat to celebrate. Anyone want to guess what happened next?