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  1. I got scared for a moment there. The last time I saw a notice that started with "Greetings" I got drafted
  2. Leaving for Daytona Sun. the 17th for the spring turkey rod run. The ole Reatta will be parked with my Fiero friends near turn 4. Swing by and say Hi.
  3. Thanks for all your responses but it seems I'll have to bite the bullet and take the car to an A/C guy. Do I really need A/C in a convertible? But it bugs me to have something on the car that does'n work.
  4. Are the high side and low side A/C temp sensors the same ? If so I can't seem to find a supply or much info about them.
  5. There is a good set of instructions on cleaning the air flow in a thread called "Air Filter " I would put a link to it but I don't know how '
  6. Update- After checking circuit diagrams it appears that this heavy yellow wire is part of the starting circuit- so it's a homemade theft deterrent system.
  7. That was my guess too
  8. I was getting my car ready for Daytona and I found a toggle switch down by the seat. I never knew it was there before. It was added by a previous owner. I traced it under the dash and it goes to a very heavy yellow wire that seems to come from the steering column. The wire was cut and the switch makes or breaks the continuity of this circuit. Anyone have any idea what this wire controls? I haven't connected the battery up yet so I can't do any checking.
  9. I believe it was a 96 Bonneville But I think that the strength of the trannys is about the same and I had no problem although I didn't beat on it too hard
  10. I had a Fiero with a series 2 SC 3800 with about 320 HP and I used a 4T60E tranny which I believe is the same as the 4T60 except the modulator is electronic. I never had a problem in over 90,000 miles. Before anyone pipes up I was running the 3800 on OBD1
  11. If you mean that the numbers go up and down on the display when you push the temp up and down but the air coming out the vents stays the same then I would look to the unit behind the glove box. I think it's called the A/C controller. To check, remove the glove box then change the temp using the button and see if the little motor moves the rod back and forth. Sounds confusing but when you see everything it will make sense.
  12. I'm finishing up my freeze plug replacement project. I started by pulling the engine (out the top) . Then I replaced the plugs and during the the reinstallation process I happened on a performance upgrade. Try as I might I couldn't get one of the tranny to block bolts back in ( the one that goes in from the block to the tranny) . So now my car will be lighter and therefore more performance. There is always a bright side to any situation.
  13. Here is a shot of my damper Those holes have threads at the very bottom. I had a 97 SC3800 in a Fiero and it had the same type of damper
  14. Well I guess "Live and learn" I have a 90 and that's what I looked at.