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  1. Phils38cpe

    Dread Rear Freeze Plug

    I just looked at everything again and seeing that I'm 74 and have to work in an unheated garage with no lift, I may have somebody do the work. The garage want to pull the engine and "do it right" . I know I have an oil leak from the intake gasket. So whilst the engine would be out is there anything that should be addressed?
  2. Phils38cpe

    Dread Rear Freeze Plug

    I'm about to start this project and was wondering if anyone has tried the all metal expanding plug by dorman instead of the rubber one. Dorman makes one that expands from 1.5 in to 1.53 in. Any thoughts?
  3. Phils38cpe

    Parting out a 90 Reatta - gray w/gray interior

    You wouldn't want this hood - scratched and dented
  4. Phils38cpe

    Antenna problems

    A quick thing to check is that one of the wires should have constant power.
  5. Phils38cpe

    Buick Reatta battery condition

    It would seem that you have a parasitic drain somewhere in your electrical system. I would test that by hooking up an amp meter between the battery post and the cable. I think a normal reading is around 50 Ma
  6. Phils38cpe

    Parting out a 90 Reatta - gray w/gray interior

    Yes I do but I don't know if the radio works and written on the bottom of the case is "cassette bad" Also some of the small buttons on the equalizer tabs are missing
  7. Phils38cpe

    Parting out a 90 Reatta - gray w/gray interior

    The air bag is not in very good shape
  8. Phils38cpe

    Fan Whine

    Radiator fan or heater fan?
  9. Phils38cpe

    Parting out a 90 Reatta - gray w/gray interior

    It's gray also
  10. Just let me know what you would want and I'll see if it's still there. I'm in RI Phil
  11. Phils38cpe

    dash dimming

    Quickie question- Are the radio and climate control lights supposed to dime with the rest of the dash lights? Sliding the dimming control knob dims the dash but not those two other lights. 1990 convertible
  12. I just figured it out - The listing for the car you got is no longer available so they just show something similar
  13. I must be a trifle slow but that Ebay link doesn't look like a red 89.
  14. Phils38cpe

    3800 Series II Supercharger Heads and Intake - Will it fit?

    I don't know if the heads will fit but with SC heads the injectors go in the head and in the NA the injectors are in the intake but you could most likely work around that.
  15. Phils38cpe

    1938 Packard 8 hood ornament

    Just give the "Donut Lady" a good shove to the rear- it's a friction fit on the radiator shell