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  1. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/buick/reatta/2350049.html
  2. New to Studebakers i just got a 62 Hawk and I'm fixing stuff slowly but surely. Got the clock and gas gauge working (gas gauge was a sunken float) Working on the horn now - got the button assembly all set but there is no horn wire. Try as I might I can't find where the wire exits the steering column. Also does the wire just twist around in the column - there soesn't seem to be any "slip ring" assembly
  3. Are all of your injectors firing? I've had a bit of experience with Fieros and ran into a similar "no closed loop" problem. Turns out that one bank of injectors wasn't firing. Fieros have a fuse for each bank--just a thought.
  4. Just a quick note- that is a series 1 SC engine (pre 1997 )
  5. https://providence.craigslist.org/cto/d/coventry-buick-reatta-convertible-plus/6992364893.html
  6. Fiero shift cables there is a shift cable and a select cable https://www.fierostore.com/Product/Browse.aspx?d=67&p=1 or http://www.rodneydickman.com/retail.html
  7. I was just wondering if the Reatta seats are similar to Fiero seats. The Fiero seat bottoms are interchangable from side to side
  8. I think he means the mid engine design
  9. My daily driver for 12 years was a Fiero with a SC 3800 (1999-2010.) Still have a 4 cyl T Top Fiero
  10. Well I checked the drains and both were clear, but I did find dampness under the driver seat. I think I'm going to replace the "rag material" padding with some rubber fatigue mat material . The car was outside since April 4th and we had a ton of rain. But from now on it will under cover in bad weather.
  11. I traced down a smell in my 90 convertible to water in the spare tire well. Are there supposed to be any drain hole in the trunk area? Those cushioning pads hold a lot of water. I was thinking of replacing them with something or doing away with them all together.
  12. On my convertible the grills just pop off and then unscrew the speaker
  13. This was my "parts car" It's pretty picked over
  14. I wouldn't want to defile my wife's 1 of 321 88 T Top Fiero coupes. My daily driver for 12 years was a Fiero Formula with a 320 HP SC 3800
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