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  1. On my convertible the grills just pop off and then unscrew the speaker
  2. This was my "parts car" It's pretty picked over
  3. I wouldn't want to defile my wife's 1 of 321 88 T Top Fiero coupes. My daily driver for 12 years was a Fiero Formula with a 320 HP SC 3800
  4. Getting the car ready to go the junk yard
  5. Other than the computer behind the glove box and the one in the trunk are there any other of those buggers hiding in the car?
  6. I just went out to try and start it after a 1hr. cool down and nada. I then put in my old ignition module and it fired right up
  7. Drove the car 1400 miles to Daytona ( had a great time) and on the way home the car just quit . Wound up towing the car home still no start. Put a timing light on it and no spark. Installed an ignition module from my parts car and the car fired right up. Yippee problem solved. I then took about a 10 mile drive and all was fine. The next morning I started the car and was letting it run and after about 4 min it died. Fired right up again and ran for about 30 sec. then no start. Had both modules tested and of course both passed. I then put the parts car module in and started the car right up. I let it run for 20 min and when I went to put it away I drove about 50 ft and it died again. ANY IDEAS?
  8. I got scared for a moment there. The last time I saw a notice that started with "Greetings" I got drafted
  9. Leaving for Daytona Sun. the 17th for the spring turkey rod run. The ole Reatta will be parked with my Fiero friends near turn 4. Swing by and say Hi.
  10. Thanks for all your responses but it seems I'll have to bite the bullet and take the car to an A/C guy. Do I really need A/C in a convertible? But it bugs me to have something on the car that does'n work.
  11. Are the high side and low side A/C temp sensors the same ? If so I can't seem to find a supply or much info about them.
  12. There is a good set of instructions on cleaning the air flow in a thread called "Air Filter " I would put a link to it but I don't know how '
  13. Update- After checking circuit diagrams it appears that this heavy yellow wire is part of the starting circuit- so it's a homemade theft deterrent system.
  14. That was my guess too