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  1. are the door panels leather?i assumed they are vinyl.
  2. can you recommend a good site to compare part numbers?
  3. but the back does.its not the bulb,no power at the socket.any idea?
  4. since i can't think how to search for this i'll just ask.will a 1989-93 front clip bolt on to a 1986 riviera.i know i have a reatta.i want to mostly bolt on a 1989 riv front clip and someone said a 1986 riv front will mostly bolt on.
  5. the more i look into it the more i prefer the 89 up front end.it seems that rivieras went with composite headlights in 1988 and then a whole new front end in 1989.im going to look into swapping one of those.
  6. i found a local 1986 in a junkyard.is there a list somewhere for what to grab off it.i know[by experience]that the tape player is different.its hard to tell by the picture how much of the front clip is worth buying.
  7. i might do this.first question is why did he use a core support from a caddy?unless they all are the same.
  8. anyone remember if they used the 86 to 88 or 89 to 93 riv front clip?
  9. erie insurance conciders a 1989 reatta to be worth 4276 dollars in a claim.much more than i was expecting.
  10. the front and rear turn signals work on the outside on the drivers side.since the wreck the passinger rear turn signals work,the front one has no power.the drivers side dash light was flashing not the passinger side.now they just light up and don't flash.high beam light does work with the ignition on,not when its off.the rear view mirror works but since its from a camaro i have to readjust it everytime i switch to night mode.
  11. the dash indicater doesn't blink any more .any ideas?
  12. 1990 Buick Reatta Conv. in Florida - Buick - Buy/Sell - Antique Automobile Club of America - Discussion Forums (aaca.org)
  13. 30 Odd Production Cars From The 1980s (motor-junkie.com)
  14. i have four in the attic. i thought there was a national shortage of aluminum cans.
  15. anyone know why the rear ones flash but the front one just lights up?
  16. my ugggly reatta wheels are in the attic.i prefer my 16"caddy wheels and 12 inch brakes.
  17. Getting “board” with rebuilding a Delco cassette player (msn.com)
  18. i do like those speak body lives and four speed manual.id love to have a rust free vega.
  19. you can change the rear speakers to 6x9s by using 90-91 parts.as ds says the radio module is seperate from the climate controls.try googling.some caddys used modules with seperate amps.
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