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  1. most of them no longer work.there are companies that repair them.
  2. the passinger side of the radiator support is pushed back an inch and mangled.the car is totaled.since it has no resale value im swapping on a riv front end which in my opinion looks better.if i had known the fenders would need extending i probably wouldn't have.other than the fenders not being long enough to reach the doors,it completely bolts on.im having to make it work because the passinger side was pushed down and back by the wreck.
  3. i will need to shim that passinger headlight.
  4. the bumper was bolted to the drivers side bumper mount.i didn't look farther into it since im swapping the whole front.wtw.1989 riv bumper.
  5. the hood bolts on and both riv and reatta hinges are the same except the reatta has an extra bolt under the lift strut.
  6. the fenders bolt on top and bottom but the middle brace is different and will have to be frabicated.the fenders will have to be extended to the door.
  7. i threw the riv fender on temperarly with a few bolts.instead of have to to cut the fender it looks like it will need extending.
  8. i bought everything but the hood and fenders[no way to carry them]from a 1989 riv and found out the pass side bumper mount is bent.i will have to try to straighten it.
  9. i installed a new to me module today and everything works again.
  10. i know the other fan works ive been watching the guage on hot days.i'll reinstall the ac fan.
  11. i bought a new to me ac condenser fan to replace my smashed one.but since my ac doesn't work i wonder if i should put it on.
  12. it has a red /tan interior its all there right now except the pass door panel and the front sheet metal and turn signal module which i have.front seats are trashed.
  13. im glad they are working on the search function but i realized more than a year ago that google worked much better.
  14. im impressed and shocked.
  15. i went there today.the car has been there two weeks and of course the only part missing from the car was the turn signal module.the headlight sw looked great and i brought a battery to check it.the headlights,parklights and off worked great.too bad i didn't check the light dimmer switch.i would have bought it anyway to have rebuilt.same with the wiper switch,intermittet doesn't work.that might be because its a 1986.the windshield was busted above the cluster and it was rusted up so i left it.the tv screen was the old type with touch outer buttons.the car had a short somewhere and my battery wires got hot fast so i couldn't check anything else.i would have liked to get one of the fenders to compare to mine but i would have had to remove the hood.the car wasn't wrecked but the front trim was severely tarnished.the front bumper looked like aluminum.i also grabbed the wrong color seatbelt receivers. Vehicle Inventory | Charlotte | LKQ Pick Your Part
  16. yes the bulb works when i jumped the relay.its not getting the signal from the turn signal module or broke wire.also the dash indicators blink twice and then stay on.coil?would a 1986 riv module be the same?
  17. it has power to the relay but its not getting the flashing signal.the other relay for the driver side is.neither on hazards nor turn signals.
  18. the rims are worth very little.i have some you can buy cheap.the same engine is in millions of cars.
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