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  1. always buy from rock auto if you can wait a few days.
  2. i may not have to worry about it anymore since a kid turned left in front of me and mangled the front end and hood.
  3. i have a new icm,new wires,new oxygen sensor,new fuel pump relay,cleaned the plugs,and checked the coils according to the repair manual.i had several bad coils but kept the ones that owmed out right.
  4. mine othen does this too espesally while going up a hill.i too floor it to make it smooth out..
  5. 16 way seats may be great for increasing the cars value but totally unneeded for driving one.
  6. ive been watching two local junkyards.no reattas or right year rivieras in at least a year.
  7. reattas have wire connections under the carpet that corrode.since you have a conv may be your problem.
  8. its been through several tanks of gas.i did have to replace the fuel pump relay to get it to idle right.
  9. i did all three tests.i had to go back and read them to be sure.
  10. i had the filter changed a few months ago by a mechanic since buick put it is such a bad spot.
  11. i did the pump test on ronnies site and it passed but i think its not keeping up at full throttle.if i floor it it runs great til it just dies til i let up on the gas.is there a way to monitor the fuel pressure through the 1989 diagnostics?
  12. can i see a good picture of the Fog,trunk,glove,lamp retract switch assembly?is the plug and some wiring included?
  13. mines gone bad too but i understand its a bitch to get to.
  14. i assume thats a 1990.some one has bypassed the resister in the key.i did this on my camaro.
  15. unless you want faster acceleration.
  16. you can clip the wires from the cassette player and make an aux input.or a bluetooth input.
  17. Greatest cars ever made with pop-up headlights (msn.com)
  18. i have a hard wired battery maintainer with the cord coming next to the windshield wipers.i tuck it out of sight.
  19. mines worth maybe one thousand dollars so i don't know.maybe its going into an old car di splay.
  20. the one i replaced again was probably life time warrantied but im slack with keeping up with paper work plus if i fix something once i want it to stay fixed or at least twenty years.
  21. i just had to replace mine again after about five years.i bought a new ac delco from rock auto this time.
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