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  1. on the other hand my areostar has a fiberglass hood and hatch.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0014WIWCQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. i got it changed.what a pain in the butt.i bought the special tool off amazon.there wouldn't be any way to do it otherwise.there is a video on youtube about changing one on a 1990 lesabre that was very helpful.
  4. im thinking of making mine my daily driver if i can get it straightened out.my pontiac got totaled by someone not watching where she was going.the pontiac was an 07 and only had 10000 less miles.
  5. i could have made this more clear.i need to change the lock cylinder.
  6. my ignition key no longer works so i ordered a new switch from rockauto.the repair manual says i will have to remove the steering wheel.is this true?
  7. its a riv headlight switch.i have the same switch.
  8. yes but what part?if i buy a 100 dollar icm and it runs the same ill be pissed.
  9. still not perfect but much better.
  10. nothing wrong with a 1989 buick engine.if you are happy with the power,buy the century.make sure the century is a 3.8.wikapedia says the century is a 3.3.
  11. its running MUCH better now.two problems.bad fuel pump relay and when i went with the coil pack from the 94 bonneville i checked the output side of the coils and replaced one.since it still ran bad i bought another coil pack from a late nineties car.it ran better but not good.then i checked the input side of the coils from the first coil pack and found another bad coil.today i combined the three good coils from the second coil pack and the module from the first coil pack and instant improvement,it runs smooth and the mpg jumped from eleven to seventeen.i only went about five miles.i will drive it more tomorrow.
  12. i found it.is there another relay i could swap it with to see if it drives better? .
  13. 1/8 inch washers was enough to put it back on.
  14. the vacumn leak turned out to be the hose between the air filter and throttle body had folded inward and was letting air in.i bought a harbor freight fuel pressure guage today[couldn't find my old one].i found out that theres no fuel pressure with the key on.running it looked about thirty five pounds[i know too low]but the guage is POURING fuel.so i turned it off quickly.i used to hear the fuel pump run before i started it,but not til its running now.
  15. i can verify that blue was the best interior color.
  16. i always wondered if you could use parts from one of those to put a v8 in a reatta.
  17. if i had to replace the engine id look into buying a grandma car with a supercharged 3.8 and swapping it in.
  18. my exhaust has sagged and is rattling against the third crossmember.i checked rockauto and autozone for the rubber doughnuts to put it back into place but no luck.dealer only?my doughnuts are intact but streathed.
  19. the screen says the parking brake is on.til i hit return.
  20. one of the things i like about the 90/91 is how easy it is to swap in a later radio with cd.
  21. my parking brake light now stays on all the time.i used to be able to turn it off by setting the brake and releasing it quickly.i looked under there hoping to adjust the switch of at least unplug it but everythings jammed together under there.
  22. are they available new?my bumper is pushed in.
  23. these cars sure were shiney new.Btw if gm hadn't sold out to the oil companies and murdered the ev1,they might be where tesla is now.
  24. the factory trans cooler system from a 1992 up?riviera will mostly bolt on and look stock. '
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