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  1. the new problem im having is the speedometer WIDELY varies when cold.
  2. the replacement wipers that the book at walmart recommended are 19 inch.the ones currently on the car are 17 inch.the 19 inch blades look like they would work. what is the correct size?
  3. i mounted a satilite radio where the cassette player was and found that the screen was too hard to see.
  4. i just saw a white reatta in the background of the new episode.
  5. having to reattach the broke cassette player every time for my aux input is why i try to never let my battery die.
  6. i keep mine plugged into a battery maintainer because if it sits four? days the battery is dead.i have bought multible batteries over the years and the same problem.
  7. my dash light sometimes flickers so i turned to the guage screen.the voltage hovers at 13.8 but sometimes jumps to 16 around when the dash light flickers.i assume this means my voltage regulator built into the alternater is bad.i just replaced the alternator five?years ago.
  8. i drove it to work all week.now my alternater is acting up.
  9. ive decided to replace my ragged rear speakers with 6x9s using 1990 panels.im assuming the new speakers have to be flat at the front.also do i hook them only to the larger speaker wiring or tie the wiring together from both speakers?
  10. i will be pretty happy if my car reaches 285000 miles.btw maybe chryslers are better cars than i thought.
  11. my car needs paint and minor body work plus minor interior repair.its valued at around a thousand dollars.all origional.but someone gave 19 times that for that convertible?btw i do love convertibles.
  12. will the bumper stop in the right place or do i need to constant check progress?
  13. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/25-cars-no-one-wanted-to-buy/ss-BB18VQsH?ocid=msedgdhp#image=9
  14. doesn't the fluid in the torque converter stay in the torque converter?
  15. yes.i grabbed a trans cooler off a 92?riv for my car.
  16. my power steering cooler has sprung a big leak.afaik theres no reattas or right year rivs in the junkyards near here.anyone know what other cars have the same part?
  17. i have a shop manual but it always feels like its going to tear if i look in it.
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